ELDEN RING – How to Cheese Crucible Knight at Redmane Castle

Do you hate fighting crucible knights? This guide will allow you to kill the CK at Redmane castle before the boss fight even begins.

Guide to Cheese Crucible Knight at Redmane Castle

Where to Go and What to Bring?

We are heading up. There are 2 spots to cheese from. The first one will require a lot of poison/rot arrows, a longbow, and the arrows reach talisman. The 2nd spot is the better one and arrows can actually do damage to the CK. I used a longbow. A great bow would definitely do damage, but I don’t know if the larger arrows will knock the CK out of sight.

The trip up there is a little dangerous; you have to run past or fight a flamethrower, a virgin abductor vehicle, some caelid/redmane soldiers and possibly a redmane knight.

First Cheese Spot

From the boss fog, just go back to the flamethrowers and head right. The first two are an easy kill, and wait for the flames to stop before running around the last one.

Run to the door at the end. This where the virgin abductor will show up from the right, near the tree.

Head upstairs. One soldier on the stairs.

This is the first spot at the top of the stairs. Do some jumping to get on the wall. The CK is seen in the distance above his boss arena where you can poison/rot him before the actual boss fight. Use other arrows to do practice shots before committing to the poison/rot.

Second and Better Cheese Spot

Go the end of this path toward the bridge and there will be a soldier in front of it. There will also be 2 crossbow soldiers on the other side of the bridge.

Cross the bridge and go up the stairs.

The best vantage point to kill the crucible knight is on the lantern. The easiest way to climb up there is from the sandbags at the base of the reinforced pole.

There is a soldier on the 2nd bridge, a crossbow soldier at the end of it, and there is the Redmane knight down there as well. You may have to kill them before firing arrows at the CK. I’m not sure how stealthy the bow is.

Unfortunately, I do not have the CK in the screenshot; I already killed him. Good luck, and happy cheesing!

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