Kenshi – Tips for New Players

Newbies Tips

Stealth actually goes up fastest around hostiles (as in red when you mouse over them). Sneaking around near hostile squads at night will level it up extremely fast and quite safely as long as you keep track of them and don’t get too close.

  • Visit a Hiver town to lvl up your stealth.
  • Sell Hashish to Tech Hunters in Flats Lagoon (those guys love their drugs), also hang out in Flats awhile, the guards kill tons of bonedogs which you can then skin.
  • You cannot outrun beakthings don’t even try it, fight and pray, or lead them into another group if there’s one nearby.
  • Only travel through Venge at night when the super lasers of “the eye” are offline (Super lasers can lead to increased skin surface temperature and an increased risk of “AIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE”.
  • Don’t make an outpost until you have a decent sized/trained squad, someone will roll over you hard if you try to make one early on.

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