Kenshi – Smuggling Guide (Getting More Cash)

This guide for the players of Kenshi, will show the way of the smuggling.

How to Smuggle Stuff and Making Cash Money

Where to Smuggle No Nos Into

Some of the places which are great to smuggle the no nos into are anywhere with a shinobi theifs tower. If you don’t want to go through the chances of getting caught out a great place would have to be Flats Lagoon Reasoning for this is you can’t get in trouble for it and if the bar runs out of money you can always go the store over and sell it their. The no nos can have a 500+ cash money on it.

Who to Send

For who to send do send someone with high stealth to pass by the guards and make sure he has high athletics so on the way he won’t be killed and if he was caught he can run away. For the armour on the person I would recommend some gear with high stealth and light weight and a backpack or guru filled with no nos for epic gamer points.


Well why you should do it is so you got the V-Bucks and you got cash money for another day so you dont get gang banged by a group of nobles when their asking for your taxes. Also its a very easy way to make money in earlier parts of the game.

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