King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – White Knight Guide (Infinite Attacks Build)

This build should not be taken seriously as it will not always work in Very Hard difficulty. However, it’s very effective against encounters with a lot of opponents and most importantly, extremely hilarious.

Guide to Infinite Attacks Build

To achieve infinite attacks with the White Knight you will need to reach +4AP per kill via passives from Rage and Blessed Weapon (+2 AP in total) and the other +2AP from relics. The White Knight must one-shot the target, else this will not work. In addition, to avoid wasting AP on movement, you will need a specific weapon relic that lets you teleport to another target within 8 tiles after killing a target.

Below is an image of the essential passives and relics for this build.

Here is a demonstration of how it works in practice on Very Hard difficulty.

Some additional tips for this build:

  • This build benefits greatly from anything that increases damage per kill. The Rage skill and its passive grants +15% weapon damage per kill.
  • Make sure that the White Knight has enough AP to activate Blessed Weapon, move to the first target and kill him in the turn you try to activate the teleporting killing spree. I typically always move back a few tiles in the first round to reserve extra AP for the second one. This will also make all the targets move closer to you allowing for the 8tiles teleporting weapon to activate on all of them. In addition, White Knight’s Tier III skill Damage Focus increases damage for every reserved AP.
  • Let your other party members damage the first 2-3 targets to allow the White Knight to one-shot them, this will in most cases grant enough +% damage for the White Knight to start one-shotting the rest of the targets on his own. If however, the White Knight ends up teleporting to a tanky target, you should reserve some AP on your other party members to assist in damaging the target first. I usually reserve AP on my Vanguard who has high mobility and the vulnerability hex from Mordred for these situations.
  • This build will not work against single (or very few) enemies with high HP (e.g. bosses). It’s however very effective when there are more than 4 targets in an encounter which is typically the case on Very Hard difficulty.
  • On Very Hard difficulty you will regularly encounter mobs with Stone Shield (immunity to first 3 hits). This will present an obstacle for this build, I usually work around it by ensuring that my Vanguard can leap to the target and remove the 3 immunity hits during the turn I want to activate this strategy for the White Knight.

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