Knightfall: A Daring Journey – Guide to Route Skips

Route Skips Guide

Basic routes for each spawn point

  • Orange dot spawn.
  • Red line is most optimum rout for a easy W.
  • Blue line is a graphed secondary strategy.
  • Yellow line is a graphed Third strategy.
  • No line is a route that should not be used or is slower to take then skipping in the grass.
  • Red circles are town locations That are centered.

For some of the skips like the top spawn going directly to town cliffs you could get stuck in the cold and has a considerable danger.

There are some modified routs that i didn’t go over in this map where you can get to town to in one night from other spawns that are more difficult and may require more coordination from your teammate.

In addition some of the top spawns are less play tested and may be slower and could involve more danger involve.

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