Knightfall: A Daring Journey – Ultimate Enchantments Guide

A deep look into enchantments.

Definitive Guide to Enchantments

How to Obtain Enchantments

Every town has one or more spot where chests can spawn.

Using E on them will let you open them, it will take 10sec for the chest to open giving you a random enchantment:

  • Overcharge
  • Reactivity
  • Vampirism
  • Frost
  • Energize
  • Toxicity

Five on weapons except the revolver (Overcharge,Reactivity,Vampirism,Energize,Toxicity).

Three on bombs (Frost,Energize,Toxicity).


Weapons Enchantment

Every gun shoots a projectile that travels at a certain speed, that enchantment will make that projectile faster.

I don’t notice the difference between a normal weapon and a Overcharge weapon it could be a slight increase possibli 10%.

Note: This enchantment isn’t worth on most weapons if any.


Weapons Enchantment

This Enchantment will make you bullet explode on impact but the speed of them will be slower meaning you’ll need to predict their movement to be able to hit them or be closer.

Stat: The explosion will do 18.75% of the weapons damage in a small area around the impact of the bullet

Caution: You can get damaged by your own explosions.

Informations: The explosion only damages players that are in range of it but did not get hit by the bullet, meaning if you directly hit someone they will not receive extra damage from the explosion.

Note: This enchantment isn’t worth picking up, not only are the bullets slower but the extra damage won’t count if you directly hit players.


Weapons Enchantment

This enchantment will make you able to heal by dealing damage.

Stat: 20% of damage dealt will be converted to healing.

Information: Once you hold a vampirism weapon, every damage you deal will heal you even if the origin of the damage isn’t the weapon, meaning kicking and bombs will heal you too.

Note: This enchantment is a straight upgrade from normal weapons, tho the healing on damage might make you take more risk, getting killed because of overconfidence.


Bomb Enchantment

This enchantment will give your bombs the ability of slowing players down, slowness will increases the closer players are from the bomb.

Stat: Your bombs will do 47.826…% less damage.

Note: This enchantment might be the worst to get, not only does it decreases the bombs damage but you’ll have to hit them perfectly to slow them enought to be worth it.


Weapons & Bomb Enchantment

As the text says, This enchantments will make you move faster by have it in you inventory.

Stat: you will move 20% faster

Information: due to it being a enchantment for both weapons & bomb you are able to cary two Energize enchantment, combining both movement speed going from +20% to +44%

Note: As weapon or bomb, this enchantment is a straight upgrade, even better if you have both making you faster then ever before.


Weapons & Bomb Enchantment

This enchantment will poison anyone you hit. for the bomb it will leave a gaz cloud poisoning anyone who goes in.

Weapons: once hit the poison will trigger 4 times doing 3.64583…% each for a total of 14.583…% of the damage dealt.

  • Bombs damage decreases by 47.826…%.
  • Bomb toxic gaz does 10 damage per hit.

Information: poison will never kill but leave players a 1hp.


  • As a weapon, This enchantment might be usefull depending of the weapon and use of it.
  • As a bomb, Even with the damage reduction it is still usefull thanks to the gaz left behind making it more of a “molotov” then a bomb, also can be used as smoke screen.

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