Knightfall: A Daring Journey – Fastest Way to The Rose: Ultimate Guide to Shortcuts!

This guide will help you become the fastest rose-hunter in the game. Including map of the best shortcuts.


Are you going professional, speedrun or just want to spice your game? I present you a guide for skipping the path so you will be at next town as soon as possible!

Disclaimer: Skipping paths may lead to reducing fun of riding the drifting horse! Skip the paths at you own risk!

Skipping the Path

Stepping on the grass makes the horse hungry thus it starts feeding and walking very slowly. Overall, it is better to stay on the path, but sometimes is better to take a shortcut, feed the horse, relax and enjoy the sunny day.

When approaching the grass, release the drift and get the boost right before the path ends. This will give you some momentum.

How to Be Faster when Drifting

You may assume that you can only drift on a curve, but you can drift on a straight path as well if you drift for example to the left, you can hold or tap d as needed and control your drift a little giving you a boost but still propelling you forwards and not off the track. Another point for new players who may not think tot do this is to take every opportunity to drift, do not be afraid to do a very short or a very long drift, as long as you don’t go off the track it will still speed you up, using these tricks can give you a big advantage as you can reach objectives or towns way quicker as I find myself getting to towns around 10-20 seconds and sometimes even more before my opponents.

Shortcut Map

Following map contains the fastest way to the Big Castle™ and also alternative ways (explained later). If the original path and the possible skip path the are just as fast, original was chosen. That’s because You don’t lose the momentum on it.

Legend for the map:

  • Red line displays the fastest way to the Big Castle™.
  • Purple line displays the part of the path were you go over the grass
  • Orange line displays the alternative which is not the fastest, but is also good.
  • Blue line displays interesting fences, which have to be bypassed.

Note: OUTPOST was renamed to FORT


  • Fastest way in my opinion is OAK->VINEYARD->Big Castle™ (for TWINCLIFFS see below).
  • Because VINEYARD->Big Castle™ is definitely the fastest path to the Big Castle™, all path that lead to VINEYARD are chosen. Because of this, VINEYARD tend to be most action and dangerous second town.
  • If you feel you don’t wanna any company, consider using some of the alternative (orange) paths. COURT, POSH, HIGHHILL and CAMP are the towns that are not that much popular in my experience.
  • Be careful at the skipping some town entirely! Skip from start to TWINCLIFFS is the fastest way to Big Castle™. But in the current version of the game, if you are in the next town than intended, you are being killed by the cold even if you are in the town. To survive the night you need 9-10 pills! In the current version of the game, if you skip to TWINCLIFFS, find there all the pills needed, you can survive the first night but then you dont have the pills to survive next night in the Big Castle™!

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