Bitburner – How to Run Multiple Scripts Without Writing Scripts

Guide to Run Multiple Scripts Without Writing Scripts

To save myself time between runs, I use the basic beginner while true hack() loop and manually creating it using nano as you would in the tutorial but my use of it is different.

When I run the process I pass itself as an argument as such.. test.script test.script

I do this adding one arg var to be pass in each time, it does not have to be named the same but may as well to save time. As far as I know the script passed goes nowhere as its not processed so any script should work so long as it exist on the node.

Then I would continue.. test.script test.script test.script etc.. Until the RAM is used up.

This creates unique script processes that all earn as they would have run uniquely generated names only using the basic starter script re-configured to target server name of course.

Example: Active process view

Example: Inputting Script as Argument

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