Lethal Company – Solo Playing Guide

I will teach you the master of soloing.

How to Play Solo

In the Beginning

When you start to solo you will want to play experiment to learn how to survive on your own. I recommend starting with a pro flashlight at first then ease your way into the darkness. One must know thin own world even without light. When you solo you must keep in mind how much time you have and a how much time it takes to travel back to ship. on moons like experiments I recommend grab more then comfortable amount of loot so you can feel safe with your idea of time in this game.

Tools of the Solo

Most tools are useless when soloing such like teleport,flashlights,walkies talkies. some Tools are somewhat useful like shovels and stun grenades. But the most two important tools are zap guns and inverse teleport.

The zap gun is great for getting out of hard places, a cheaper option is a stun grenade and if use you get one free inventory space. the inverse is great for getting into the bunker as fast as possible but I only recommend only due it when you feel confident to due so.

The Way of the Hunter

After gaining money buy yourself a zap gun. The zap gun is a good replacement for the pro flashlight but keep in mind like the flashlight you need to conserve its battery life.

Through your travels never touch the hive its bad luck and should be a last resort to meet quota. Eyeless dogs and forest giants should be avoided but if encounter use the zap gun. Baboo Hawks should be killed on sight this will build your skill as a player.

Written by sus sock

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