Like a Dragon: Ishin! – Ultrawide Support Fix Guide

Community made fix for ultrawide support.

How to Fix Ultrawide Support

All credit goes to Naokaji!

How to Add 21:9 / 32:9 Support to Ishin

Unlike the rest of the series so far Ishin does not have any native support for 21:9 / 32:9.

Luckily there is a way to fix it:

  • Get the 3 files in pak folder found here.
  • Copy and paste them into:
    • \Steam\steamapps\common\LikeADragonIshin\LikeaDragonIshin\Content\Paks

For 21:9

Using HxD replace all instances of 3B 8E E3 3F with 8E E3 18 40 in exe located at:

  • \Steam\steamapps\common\LikeADragonIshin\LikeaDragonIshin\Binaries\Win64

For 32:9

Using HxD replace all instances of 3B 8E E3 3F with 39 8E 63 40 in exe located at:

  • \Steam\steamapps\common\LikeADragonIshin\LikeaDragonIshin\Binaries\Win64

Note 1: As it requires editing the .exe there is a chance you will have to apply the fix again if and when the game gets patched by the devs.

Note 2: The fix only applies to game play, cutscenes remain at original aspect ratio.

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  1. I’m using HxD on the LikeadragonIshin-Win64-shipping.exe file and it’s saying 3B 8E E3 3F cannot be found. I’ve set the search to All and still not finding it. Any idea why?

    • when using search / replace in HxD there are 4 tabs in the search, change from text-string to hex-value, then you should be able to find it.

  2. Remember to be VERY careful using a hex editor, don’t use backspace while editing or you can very quickly fuck up your save file

    • Download the 3 files in the Google Drive folder and put them into the directory as the guide says. That’ll remove the patterns and you’ll be able to see any graphics (like names and minigame stuff) that were hidden by the bars.

      To render gameplay to the full screen (cutscenes will still be locked to 16:9) you need to use the hex edit. Then just adjust the aspect ratio in game to make it look normal again.

  3. I’ve been working on a fix that doesn’t require hex editing or pak mods. It should allow any aspect ratio and correct FOV scaling for >16:9 resolution. It also lets you uncap the 30fps cutscenes.

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