Lootun – Frostbolt Archemage Build Guide (Support DPS)

Frostbolt Archemage Guide (Build and Tips)

So chill is an ailment that isn’t seen very often, probably because it doesn’t do a damage but instead slows enemy attack speed. The build is pretty straightforward: Cold? Yes.

We take frostbolt over frost strike because it attacks faster and has the unique debuff ‘frostbolt’. The divines are frozen codex for more damage, helm of command because its helm of command, frigid pauldrons for the chance to stun without having to spend skill points on it, malady because its malady, and glacial girdle for the added damage.

The build could almost certainly be improved as this is my first time making one from scratch, and I also haven’t completed the whole game yet. Any suggestions are appreciated!

The reason I say he probably has to be a support is because his damage just doesn’t get high enough to be a main DPS in raids, more than likely because chill doesn’t deal damage.

Changed around some of the archemage passives to make more sense since chill doesn’t stack, and so he can apply more debuffs.

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