Lootun – Build Card for Battlemage

Battlemage Build Guide

Battlemage is kind of the strongest dps in the game.

And he has the most ehp out of any mitigating tank.

+ Band of undeath if necessary.

Ranged res is important since they’re the only attacks in endless that should give bm tank any issues at all namely toxic swarmers.

Warding step’s phys res should be fire res.

On toxic swarmers though I would recommend you use avenge on bracers and bring rezz flask or paladin revive so that you can int die with a warrior, and just put block chance on both rings instead

That way you don’t need to put band of undeath on BM ever really.

That 30% damage reduction from avenge will give you enough time to stack 75% dodge.

With enough dodge evasion stuns slows and defiance everything tanks well enough.

It’s kind of a waste of a raid team’s item slots to dedicate an entire character to even trying to mitigate things imo.

It’s usually binary, like you’re going to be way too strong of a tank or immediately dead.

So I think the best approach to tanking is to redline the responsibility finely!

And make it more of a supporting role.

Give it the bare minimum it takes to tank specific things then throw on ailment effect and supporting stuff like that so other characters can focus on dps.

Solved for 2nd stage jungle hydra.

Game beat, once this thing goes down that’ll be all of the highest level endless bosses and heroic raid bosses solo’d.

This is just for hydra and swarm, maybe to a lesser extent primordial oozes, tho you can just stun one ooze and never fear a corrosion death.

Using the abyssal cuff build to save… days of time.

If you don’t have 75% chance to evade without focus stacks you should probably put evasion rating on the items I didn’t put it on because it’s just pointless past that 75 mark.

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