Lootun – Fireball + Demonic Spaulder Build Guide

Fireball + Demonic Spaulder Guide (Build and Tips)

Here is a throwback from 0.9 but updated. We’re once again using Fireball but with brand new tech.

This is a single target build for multi-target raids. Damage will be much lower when there’s only one potential target. We pair the Vizier passive Dispersion with the Barbarian relic for maximum single target DPS.

The key to the high damage is the raid unique Demonic Spaulder and the Pillar of Flame divine staff. We take Forking Fire to make it an area skill that can be utilized with DS. Damage calculation with Forked Fire and Cascade is (45+32) x2 = 154% weapon damage.

We use Arcane Torrent so we’re hitting 91-95% double damage most of the fight. Stasis can be used over Frost Nova if your team doesn’t already have a source of Stasis.

The defensive attributes are all fire res to take advantage of the new elemental stone set bonus.

Gem priorities should be something like Attack speed > fire res > fire damage > damage over time > damage. Gems are much easier to get now.

Here’s a sort of theoretical maximum taken from Heroic Orc Vizier. Tank and supports are doing very little damage to let the Vizier do maximum damage. Typical raids will be very different as more damage dealers will change the ratio of DPS.


Fireball got a massive buff to be one of the best raid builds I could find this patch. The Scorching Bands from Ancient Bastion have been a real game changer for ignite builds. It really shines when the whole raid team focuses on ignite.

The build card is set for maximum single target DPS with defensive enchants skewed towards even more offense. Adjust accordingly.

Frost Nova can be changed to Stasis if your team is missing that debuff.

Target dummy was set to 5 targets with max stats except for curse of slowness. It mimics a multi-target fight like Orc Vizier or Highlord where the build would shine. This build is ok for single target, but not the best.

My gem priorities were attack speed > fire res > fire damage > damage over time > damage.

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