Lost Ark – All Ships Compared

Which Ship Is Overall Better?

To keep things short:

This will compare all ships at +5 base stats (no crew modifiers).

In terms of traveling which is what most people will do, it’s no secret, the Astray takes the lead, it’s the fastest ship by far, with the longest speed duration @ 7s and fastest base speed + fastest Fast Sailing speed, it can not be beat.

Although each ship has it’s purpose, so if you are measuring it in the form of a specific task, example: tackling Hazardous Waters of specific regions, each ship has a purpose.

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Pros and Cons for Each Ship?

  • Best for Traveling – Astray
  • Best for Dead Waters – Eibern’s Wound
  • Best for Siren Seas – Brahms
  • Best for Tempest Seas – Tragon
  • Best for Cold Snap Seas – Sturmbrecher
  • Best for Sandstorms Seas – White Wind
  • Best for Kelp Beds – Eurus

The Cons are that some of these best of don’t really matter since they don’t do much to hamper your experiences, example Kelp Beds – no one cares that Eurus is the best at it since no one ever notices anything from Kelp Beds.

Which Ship Is Worth It?

The greatest question, which I will not give some B***S*** grey answer like “they are all good in their own way…” which in some points is true, but not true for all.

The best Overall Ship is Astray, there are many island, you can’t bi-frost to everyone of the Adventure Islands and traveling by the seas can be a chore, the speed of the Astray is a worthwhile luxury, also it’s an “End Game Ship” content wise – if you going to shoot for something, this is a worthwhile achievement that can be enjoyed.

Other Notable ships: Most ships you don’t need the best of, in fact I realize you only need 3 ships that you should aim for:

  • Tragon – The anti Tempest Seas ship, this ship is needed for the Punnika Co-Op sailing quests, which the reward is Sun Coins the best pirate coin, which is needed for many Relic Rank Crew members on all ships + has the best Pirate Coin conversion of 20x Pirate Coins to 1x Sun Coins
  • Eibern’s Wound – The anti Dead Waters ship, this ship is needed for the Co-Op sailing quests that include Rohendel and Feiton which have Dead Waters Lv.4, if you want to participate in the good Co-Ops that give good Pirate Coins, you need this ship, otherwise the hazard will 1.) Kill you and 2.) Debuff you hard, which makes your ship not be able to use any abilities so you will just be standing in the water dying, by the time the debuff clears, another one will follow suite. Many ships including the Estoque think they can “Man Mode” the waters, no hahaha, I laugh when I see them hanging at the edge of the waters coming in back and forth while I stay in the Co-Op unhindered and getting 3 gold cup contributions while they struggle to even participate and survive, let alone even getting 1 gold cup contributions, pathetic.
  • Astray – The best traveling ship that is the apex of ship achievement and it really is WORTH getting, along with the other two mentioned, but can take awhile to get, in the meantime though there are other great traveling ships to build up into that is good as well until the Astray achievement.

Ship Progression to the Astray is: 1st ship – Estoque, 2nd ship – Eurus, 3rd and final ship – Astray.

Esto an Eurus to lvl 5 is worth and you will get Eurus faster than Astray, Esto and Eurus should only be upgraded to lvl 5, anything more is not worth, crew member wise, they are worth getting a fast crew since you will be using them for awhile until you progress to the next better traveling ship, but I wouldn’t try aim for Relic or Legendary or even Epic crew, Rare and below is fine, get the crew that has the fastest base speeds knotts. Remember you can be working on Eurus and Astray Una quests at the same time, but you will get Eurus faster.

Eurus may not have the longest duration boost speed, but it does have the fastest charging boost meter! So you will trade duration for more Frequency of boost, which pairs perfectly with the Ship Skin: Hermida’s Song (420 Blue Gems) which can be purchased in the Store, remember you can trade GOLD for BLUE GEMS so you don’t have to spend any MONEY at all.

Ship Skin Hermida’s Song is a MUST!!! for any and ALL SHIPS, it has a passive that allows a 30% chance the ship will get a free boost meter charge when the ship activates a boost AND will AUTO boost for you when Auto Sail saving you the hassle of constantly pressing space bar.

The skin works best on Eurus, due to the fact that it has the highest frequency boost so more chances to get the 30% chance free boost proc.

Closing Notes

Ships and Sailing content of Lost Ark is NOT A MUST, you can go the entire game without even enjoying this content, you don’t have too. If this is you – You don’t need any ship, you don’t need to play Co-Op, you can get many High Seas Chests which grant 500 coins of ANY KIND which will be enough to get you the coins you need to unlock other content you need like Songs and such.

A 1 ship that fits all is at the very least, get EURUS lvl 5 with the Ship Skin Hermida’s Song, that is a 1 and done ship, thats all you need, the Esto is okay… has decent resistance to all hazards, but you don’t need to worry about hazards since that is a Co-Op Sailing content you don’t need to participate in, so instead go for speed, if you do want to participate in Ships content, then why stay with Esto, if you already doing Hazard content get the better ships, they are not hard to get and do way better than Esto will.


  1. if you pick any other ship other than estoque youre a tryhard attention seeker.. “hey look at me i have a level 10 astray.” no one cares. sea content is only 5% of the game.. you dont spend more than 5 min max in the sea..

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