Old World – Full Hotkey List + Cheat Keys

In this quick Old World guide, you’ll find the full hotkey list and useful debug information.

Hotkey List

Camera Keys

W, Up ArrowMove North 
A, Left ArrowMove West 
S, Down ArrowMove South
D, Right ArrowMove East
PageDownZoom In
PageUpZoom Out


ZHide Features (Trees/Shrubs)
SHIFT+ZHide Improvements
ALT+ZHide Units
XShow Zone of Control
CShow Danger Tiles
VShow Trade Network
BShow Idle Units
NShow TIle Yields
SHIFT+SLASHToggle Hex Grid


CTRL + RToggle City Connection Mode
OSpend Training for Orders
SHIFT+EQUALS =Increase Turn Style
SHIFT+MINUS –Decrease Turn Style
=Increase Turn Timer
Decrease Turn Timer
MToggle Mute


ESCAPEClear Selection
Alpha1Cycle Idle 1
SHIFT+Alpha1Cycle/Pass Idle 1
Alpha2Cycle Idle 2
SHIFT+Alpha2Cycle / Pass Idle 2
Alpha3Cycle Idle 3
SHIFT+Alpha3Cycle / Pass Idle 3
Alpha4Cycle Idle 4
SHIFT+Alpha 4Cycle / Pass Idle 4
Alpha5Cycle Idle 5
SHIFT+Alpha 5Cycle / Pass Idle 5
Alpha6End Year
QPrevious City
ENext City
SpaceCycle and Pass Selected Unit
SHIFT+SPACECycle and Sleep Selected Unit
CTRL+SPACECycle and Sentry Selected Unit
TABCycle Selection
SHIFT+TABCycle Selection (Reverse)


Left ALTPing
Return Chat

Debug Cheat Keys

SHIFT+MReveal Map
SHIFT+TAcquire All Techs
SHIFT+RAdd Goods and Money
SHIFT+(1-6)Switch Active Player
ALT+DDebug Menu
SHIFT+CTRL+RReload Infos xml’s


F1Show Victory Screen
F2Show Inheritance Screen
F3Show Laws Screen
F4Show Religion Screen
F6Show Tech Screen
F7Show Laws Screen
F8Show Religion Screen
F9Show Help Screen
Left SHIFT + BackquoteGame Editor
Left CTRL + Left SHIFT + BackquoteConsole

PopUps / Tooltips / Saves

ESCAPEClose Popup
ALTExpand Tooltip
Mouse2,SHIFTLock Tooltip
SHIFT+F12Auto-Load (before end of last turn)


ALT+DToggle Debug Menu
SHIFT+MReveal Map
CTRL+SHIFT+MFully Reveal Map
CTRL+TUnlock Next Tech
SHIFT+TUnlock All Techs
CTRL+SHIFT+RReload Infos
SHIFT+RGrant Resources
SHIFT+FToggle Flying Camera
CTRL+FToggle Top Down Camera
CTRL+F12Test Load / Save Consistency
CTRL+F11Toggle Autoplay
ESC+SHIFTOptions Debug

Map Editor

Left CTRL+SLeft ALT+SSave
Right BracketIncrease Brush Size
Left BracketDecrease Brush Size
UToggle Utilities Panel
IToggle Info Panel
PToggle Image Projector
CTRL + FToggle Flying Camera

Event Browser

TABGo to next input
Left SHIFT + TABGo to previous input

Debug Help

Debug Help can be enabled in the Options Menu on the UI screen. When enabled, it will provide additional information for developers about tiles and units, while the game is running.


If you mouse over a tile with debug help enabled, the tooltip will show the tile ID among other things.

The first row of numbers is the trade network for each edge, if any.

The next row: 50 60 (5214) is tile x,y, (tileid), plus:

  • A0 means area zero (land mass or water mass),
  • L is the latitude (for terrain generation),
  • E is elevation (not sure we are using this, but it was intended to be for elevating the terrain),
  • H is the height,
  • S is the terrain stamp, if any.

Unit Banners

If you mouse over a unit banner with debug help enabled, you can see information about the unit as well as the tile.

The first row of numbers shows the tile debug information see info on Tiles above.

The bottom row here is Worker (31) – Rome AI Role: IMPROVE Target: 4675

  • Worker is the unit type
  • (31) is the unit number – corresponds to a GameObject called Unit31 in the scene hierarchy
  • Rome is the nation the unit belongs to
  • AI Role is what the unit is currently doing – in this case it is an AI adding an improvement to the tile
  • Target is the ID of the tile that it belongs to.

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