Lost Ark – Negative Engraving Tierlist (PvE)

Meta Danger Tier

This tier negative engravings will hurt your offensive capabilities, avoid at all costs!

[DPS] Attack Power Decrease (-2%/-4%/-6% attack power)

We are trying to gain attack power and damage from engravings and this one simply lowers them. Avoid this bad boy at all costs. For supports this is unwanted but definitely not a meta danger since supports aren’t there to only deal damage.

[ALL] Attack Speed Decrease (-2%/-4%/-6% attack speed)

Losing attack speed makes your animations longer and you’ll be casting less skills for the duration of the fight. It will also root you down longer and dampens your chances of survival. This engraving is extremely annoying to activate both on DPS and Supports. As a Support this is among the most dangerous negative engravings you could activate.

Danger Tier

This tier will mostly hurt your defensive capabilities, avoid if possible.

[ALL] Defense Decrease (-5%/-10%/-15%)

Losing defense is never a good thing especially if you are running grudge. However this is a negative engraving you can play around with and it will rarely cause you severe harm unless you are a squishy class or running a very encumbered build like Grudge/Cursed Doll combo. More dangerous for supports whose priority is to stay alive.

[ALL] Movement Speed (-2%/-4%-/6%)

Losing mobility in Lost Ark can be very difficult to play around with. The reduction doesn’t seem too steep but when you are inch a way from safety or completing a mechanic that prevents a one shot, you’ll curse this engraving to the depths of the hell. However it will not significantly hurt your offensive capabilities and being good with your positions and reactions can easily overcome the speed reduction this engraving provides. However if you have to activate this engraving, try to keep it as low as possible. 6% movement speed reduction is really disgusting to play with.

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