Mad Games Tycoon 2 – Development Time

How Long to Develop a Game?

Develop them until they reach 80-100% rating, that means it has more than 90% review rating (unless you use the option to make ratings more random,) and developing it any further would be just wasting money.

Conversely, a game that has a review rate cap of 80% will never get to 90%+, so developing it for a longer time period would mean losing even more money.

With enough people working at a game (this goes higher with year and game size) you can have a game ready to go in less than one month.

If using Marathon, even with the extended development time option, you can get a game done in one week with 90%+ rating (slightly difficulty to pull in Legendary, but not impossible.)

Also, the more a game is in development, the more things can happen that will affect its sales negatively.

Note: By “review rate cap,” it’s something I’ve observed plenty of times while playing the game. If you have enough things stacked against your game’s review score (misplaced sliders, lack of stat points, lack of experience in many of the game’s elements, bad genre-subgenre or genre/topic matching,) then your game will not go past a certain review score no matter how long you keep it developing. This only seems to happen in Very Hard and Legendary, though.

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