Maneater – How to Escape the Shark Hunters

This isn’t your average guide on how to empty the Searching Meter, It’s very similar.

Guide to Escape the Shark Hunters

Starters Section

Where do I begin? First ya need to spawn the hunters, to do so, kill at least 5 humans and they should show up.

Then swim as far down as ya can (note you will need the gulf unlocked first) once they show up get as far away as you can.

Make sure your also knifing if you attempt this it might not work, then look for a boat, swim up to the boat, staying close to non-hunter boats gives you plenty of chances to destroy those boats.

Advanced (That One Really Hard Part)

I recommend that ya use the shadow tail as it helps you at long range.

Next make sure use the sonar to make sure the shark hunters can not reach you! Because eating humans fills your hunter bar up the hunters won’t exit search mode, make sure to check the bar in the top right corner.

If its empty then they’ll stop looking for you, which you don’t want in this case.

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