Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered – All Lab Puzzles (A Bit Of A Fixer-Upper Achievement / Trophy)

This guide shows how to get the A bit of a fixer-upper achievement / trophy.

The Location #1

Enter Otto’s lab, in Greenwich, and go left. Go to the computer with the blue wallpaper.

Research 01

Research 02

Research 03

Research 04

Research 05

Research 06

Research 07

Research 08

Research 09

Research 10

The Location #2

From the entrance, just go straight, and you will find this table. Now begin the Circuitry research.

Circuitry 01

Circuitry 02

Circuitry 03

Circuitry 04

Circuitry 05

Circuitry 06

Circuitry 07

Circuitry 08

Circuitry 09

Circuitry 10

Thank you for checking out the guide!

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  1. I get the “let the people play the way they want to” mentality but if you’re looking up a guide that kinda defeats the point of doing the puzzles yourself. But anyway, people can just avoid clicking the guide, if they dont want to see the answers.)

  2. if y’all are gonna use this, then why don’t you just enable the skip option for all puzzles in the games accessibility options

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