Midnight Fight Express – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Midnight Fight Express?

  • MFE is an isometric brawler game that features fast-paced motion-captured combat.

When and where will the game be released?

  • August 23rd 2022, 9am PT.

What happened to the demo?

  • The demo was available during Steam Summer Game Festival. It is now no longer available.

Will there be a local/online COOP in the game?

  • There are no plans to add online COOP. However it’s still possible to have Endless Arena mode in local COOP in future DLCs. Singleplayer story mode has the highest priority right now.

Will it be possible to play a female character in the game?

  • The player will be able to customize only the male character, due to the plot of the game. However, it will be possible to unlock female skins in the game too.

How much the game will cost?

  • 19.99$

Can we turn off blood?

  • Yes.

Are there any plans for a GoG release?

  • Yes.

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