Minecraft Legends – 100% Achievement / Trophy Guide

Difficulty / Story Achievements / Trophies

If you plan on getting all the achievements in one playthrough you’ll have to play on the Legendary difficulty which leads into our first achievement.

  • Legendary Hero – Complete the game on Legendary difficulty.

Now with that out of the way we’ll get into the story related achievements.

  • Impressive Gifts – Complete the tutorial
  • With Light Comes Hope – Destroy the Night Beacon Base

The next three can be completed at any point in the game before the final boss.

  • Excitable New Friends – Ally with the Creepers
  • Unnatural Aim – Ally with the Skeletons
  • They REALLY Like That Flower – Ally with the Zombies
  • Became The Hunted – Defeat The Beast
  • Broken – Defeat The Unbreakable
  • More Than It Could Chew – Defeat The Devourer
  • Defender Of The Overworld – Defeat The Great Hog

Combat Achievements / Trophies

  • Bulldozer – Destroy a base in under 7 minutes

Destroying one of the mining outposts will count for this achievement.

  • No Time for Swine – Defeat 1,000 piglins in a single world.

In order to complete this achieviment you could just tell your mob friends to attack the piglins, but you can also use your own sword, pressing B, in xbox, to make it faster!

  • Are These Made of Nether Wart? – Destroy 250 piglin buildings in a single world.

Piglin buildings are scattered all throughout the world within their mining bases or their main bases. You can command troops to focus on buildings specifically by pressing and holding RT while you have troops backing you and then moving your cursor over the building and pressing and holding Y additionally to send all of your troops to attack.

I found that the best troop for structure damage is the Cobblestone golems.

Misc Achievements / Trophies

  • Riding in Style – Ride all of the different mounts in a single world.

You can find the mounts at the following locations:

  • Beetle – Jungle Biome
  • Tiger – Dry Savanah Biome
  • Big Bird – Jagged Peaks Biome

The locations of the biomes may vary based on your world, but you can find the mounts in those three locations.

  • Variety is the Spice of Life – Build all the different improvements at the Well of Fate in a single world.

You actively need one of each tower in your main base/hub, The Well of Fates. They must all stay built until all 15 towers are built.

You build each tower (All take prismarine and most take gold as well to build, materials acquired from attacking piglin outposts and bases) in the predetermined squares (four of them surround the main tower.)

You need a total of the following to create each tower:

2100 Stone
2150 Prismarine
370 Gold
25 Coal
25 Diamond
25 Red Stone
25 Iron
  • Improvement: Gather Iron (100 stone, 100 prismarine)
  • Improvement: Gather Coal (100 stone, 100 prismarine)
  • Improvement: Gather Red Stone (100 stone, 100 prismarine)
  • Improvement: Gather Diamond (100 stone, 100 prismarine)
  • Improvement: Cure Netherrack (100 stone, 100 prismarine)
  • Improvement: Allay Storage (100 stone, 100 prismarine, 10 gold)
  • Improvement: Abundant Allays (100 stone, 50 prismarine, 10 gold)
  • Improvement: Banner (100 stone, 100 prismarine, 25 Gold)
  • Improvement: Flames of Creation (200 stone, 200 prismarine, 25 Gold)
  • Improvement: Large Flames of Creation (400 stone, 400 prismarine, 100 gold)
  • Improvement: Wake the Firsts [obtained by discovering the first First Golem, a random spawn in the map. Stone is in Meadow biome, Diorite in Jagged Peaks, Brick in Dry Savannah and Oak in Badlands] (100 stone, 100 prismarine)
  • Improvement: Shared Village Chests (100 stone, 100 prismarine, 25 iron, 25 coal, 25 diamond, 25 red stone)
  • Improvement: Collect Power Towers (100 stone, 100 prismarine)
  • Improvement: Expert Carpentry (200 stone, 200 prismarine, 50 gold)
  • Improvement: Expert Mason 200 stone, 200 prismarine, 50 gold)

Once the last tower is FULLY built, the cheevo will pop shortly after.

  • I Can See My Village From Here – Spend 20 minutes buffed by bouncecaps in a single world.

There’s bounce caps all over the jungle and swamp biomes. Just stand afk on one and wait for achievement to pop.

They are mushrooms with an orange glow coming from them. You should be able to jump high when on one. (You may have to move on and off of bouncecap here and there).

  • Wheeeeeeeeeee! – Glide for 30 seconds consecutively on the Big Beak or Brilliant Beetle.

Campaign maps are randomly generated, so the spawn location of the big beak and brilliant beetle can be random.

Once you’ve found either of these mounts and are riding them, find the highest point of the map that you can (Typically the mountains of the snow biomes) and once you jump off, press and hold A to maintain gliding and hover over the lowest points at all time to prevent landing. Your achievement will not pop until you land, even if you surpass the 30 seconds, so try to keep track of your glide time.

  • Resource Reinforcements – Open 5 Allay Chests in a single world.

Allay chests are found scattered throughout the world and the location is random as each world is randomly generated. More than 10 spawn on any given world. Once found, just press and hold X to open.

  • Soothe the Scars – Cure 20,000 netherrack blocks in a single world.

Once you unlock the ability to cure netherrack (By building the structure Improvement: Cure netherrack)

You can go to any major pig raid and just spam the cure netherrack ability constantly until the entire area is cleared. Doing any large piglin base you can get this in just 1 or 2 battles assuming you continue to clean up after the fight is over.

  • Ridin’ the Grain Train – Spend 2 minutes buffed by speed wheat in a single world.

Relatively simple just stay 2 min in a Bush, When yellow sparkles coming out of your character then you’re doing everything right.

  • Bringing Out the Big Blocks – Construct 3 host towers within attack range of one another.

Quite simple to do, after you complete the mission to destroy the night beacon base you could explore the map, could you find some “?” on the map these symbols can be the towers that in total are 3 types of towers.

Arriving at one and analyzing the “knowledge” will comment on, right after that just build the “collect energy towers” improvement in the well of destiny.: 100 stone and 100 prismarine to build.

Now the construction menu select the tower you collected from the map and put them next to each other or separate but within their blue targeting area, it can be in the well of destiny.

The three types of towers are:

  • Stun tower: 100 gold and 25 coal to collect.
  • 125 stone and 100 coal to build.
  • Icy tower: 100 gold and 25 diamonds to collect.
  • 125 stone and 100 diamonds to build.
  • Shooting Tower: 100 Gold and 25 redstone to collect.
  • 125 stone and 100 Redstone to build.

Right after building the 3 one side of the other or within their blue targeting area you release the achievement.

  • All-Star Cast – Collect all the Firsts in a single world.

Each campaign world is randomly generated and throughout the world you will be able to find the “Firsts” golems. There are 4 and they are as follows

  • First of stone: Costs 100 Gold and 125 Stone
  • First of Diorite: Costs 100 gold and 125 Coal
  • First of Brick: Costs 100 gold and 125 iron
  • First of Oak: Costs 100 gold and 125 wood

This is based off of memory, so some numbers may be off but those are the resources we needed to collect. Gold can be obtained from killing and destroying piglin bases. Other resources can be harvested throughout the world. This achievement also unlocked for my friend I was playing with upon getting the 4th “First”.

  • Bounty of the Overworld – Gather 1,000 wood and stone and 125 iron, coal, redstone and diamond in a single world.

If the achievement hasn’t popped for you, go start a solo private versus match and remeet the conditions and the achievement should pop

Once you spawn, build 3 arrow towers, then change teams and build 3 more than head to a piglins outpost to gather prismarine only need 85 head back to base build improvement hub then the gathers after that just gather the resources 1000 wood and gather stone 125 iron,redstone,diamond and coal they need to be gathered with allay not from chest.

  • Feed the Flames – Gather 2,400 lapis in 30 minutes or less in Versus Mode.

This can be done solo start a private versus mode with just you once you spawn build a arrow tower for defence around blue and orange base then gather prismarine to build a lapis flag i built 3 but build more to speed things up if you want once you have 250 lapis (max) build plank/cobblestone golem spawner 15 lapis per spawner so just keep building until achievement pops.

  • Banner Expert – Give 25 orders from Banner View in a single world.

Press X to recruit any of the friendly mobs. Now hold down RT to open “Banner View,” while held use your d-pad to highlight the group of mobs you recruited (such as Creepers or Ranged etc.). With them selected press Y to give them individual orders, do this 25 times for the achievement to pop.

  • One Boom at a Time – Give 10 individual orders to creepers from Banner View in a single world.

Head over to the Creeper home base on the map. Press X to recruit 10 or more. Now hold down RT to open “Banner View,” while held use your d-pad to highlight the Creepers group. With the Creepers selected tap Y to give them individual orders, do this 10 times for the achievement to pop.

  • Full Force – Give an army of 80 mobs an order.

A quicker and easier way to do this is do the Is to do the lost legends from the main menu, you dont have to build any banner upgrades or flame upgrades all you have to do is defend the base until about level 14 thats when I got it. After every level that you survive your flame increases aswell as how many mobs you can command.

Multiplayer Achievements / Trophies

  • Working Together – Play a game of co-op.

Simple enough; simply go with a buddy or invite a friend to go with you. Randoms are also present in LFG.

  • The Way of the Sword – Defeat another player with your sword in Versus Mode.

Can be boosted with a friend or solo by hosting a public game and running at the enemy HQ at the very start of a match. It should be early enough into a game that they don’t have any defences setup. May the best duellist win!

Doesn’t appear to work in a private versus game.

  • Nailbiter – Defeat an opponent with less than 10% of your HQ’s health remaining in Versus Mode.

You can boot up a Versus game solo as a private match. the piglins will attack your base, you can let them do their job as long as you take out the enemy base on time, it doesn’t have any defenses in private mode

  • Farm some lapis by killing some piglins
  • Go to the enemy base
  • Make a bunch of stone troopers
  • Start destroying their base
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