MIR4 – How to Change Class

The Class Change system is a content that enables you to freely change into 5 different classes while maintaining the original character’s growth and bag except for the equipments and skills. You can access by clicking Skill – Class Change from the menu.

Class Change

Conditions for the Class Change

  • It is accessible to Characters over level 50.
  • Character has to be in a status of not involved in a party (Including Raid Party).
  • Character has to be located in Bicheon Castle.

Required resources to create new class differ by number and they are as below.

  • 1st Creation: 1,000,000 Copper.
  • 2nd Creation: 4,000 Gold.
  • 3rd Creation: 8,000 Gold.
  • 4th Creation: 12,000 Gold.

The cost of switch between the original class and the created class is free.

Class Creation

  • You can access by clicking Skill – Class Change tab on the menu.
  1. You can create or change into different classes and play. However, it can’t be created or changed into the class that you own already.
  2. Requirements have to be checked and fulfilled before changing the class. 30 minutes of Class Change Cool will be applied after changing your class.
  3. You can check out the Skill Info of the class that you want to change into.
  4. After clicking ‘Switch Class’ button, you will be directed to the ‘Choose Character’ screen and will be able to play with the class that you changed into after the restart.

Maintaining Features after Class Change

Info of the Original Character / Maintaining info after Class Change

  • Character Name/Title/Level/EXP/Propensity Points – Shared
  • Death Penalty/Vigor/PVP Mode – Shared


[Class Creation]

  • Equipped items will be locked and unequipped.
  • Unequipped equipments will be stored in your bag.
  • Unequipped equipments won’t be auto-equipped.

[Class Change]

  • Equipped items will be locked but won’t be unequipped.

Info of the Original Character / Maintaining info after Class Change

  • Magic Stone – Shared
  • Mount – Shared
  • Spirit/Spirit Stone – Shared
  • Constitution/Inner Force/Solitude Training – Shared
  • Codex – Shared
  • Buff effect of the Buff items – Shared
  • Main Quest – Shared
  • Mission – Shared
  • Request/Mysteries – Shared
  • Daily Task/Achievement – Shared
  • Conquests – Shared
  • Portal(Magic Square, Secret Peak) – Free entry tickets are shared by the Original and switched classes.
  • Raid, Boss Raid, Clan Expedition – Free entry tickets are shared by the Original and switched classes.
  • Clan – Shared
  • Karma (Friends, PvP Log, Most Wanted, Wanteds List) – Shared
  • Ranking – Shared
  • Bag and Warehouse – Shared
  • Shop (Item, Summon, Storage) – Shared
  • Mailbox – Shared
  • System Settings -Shared
  • Quick Slot item and combat settings – Shared
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