MIR4 – Game / System Settings

You can adjust the game settings and link accounts.

Account Settings

Tap the System tab in the Menu.

  • You can link accounts through Google, Apples, or Facebook, or obtain transfer codes for guest accounts.
  • You can make inquiries about game issues through Customer Service.
  • View the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Game Settings

  • You can adjust game-related settings such as combat, targeting, quick slots, etc.
  • You can adjust combat-related settings such as Auto-combat range.
  • You can adjust targeting-related settings such as Target Method.
  • You can adjust convenience-related settings such as Save Power.

Environment Settings

  • You can adjust graphics and sound-related settings.

PC System Settings

  • You can assign hotkeys to use in the game. (Applicable when playing the game on a PC using the launcher)

Press the Alt key in the game to view the assigned hotkeys.

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