MIR4 – Spirit Guide (Stats, Removing and Treasure)

You can view the stats of your Spirits and deploy or remove them. You can also equip treasures on your Spirits to give them special abilities.

Guide to Spirit


  • Tap the Spirit tab in the Menu to open the Spirit window.
  • 1. You can view the name and Power Score of the selected Spirit.
  • 2. You can check the skills your Spirits have.
  • 3. View the information of your Spirit deck and configure the deck by deploying or removing Spirits.
    The number of Spirits you can deploy increases to up to 5 as you level up.
  • 4. You can use up to 3 Spirit decks and change the deck at the top of the screen.
  • 5. You can summon a Spirit by consuming 1 Spirit Stone, and Spirit Stones that are the same as the summoned Spirit can be used for combining or registering in Codices.
  • 6. Tapping the Combine Spirits button opens Craft > Combine window.
  • 7. You can sort the list of Spirits by default or tier.


  • Tap the Treasure tab on the Spirit window to view your treasures.
  • You can select a treasure to give to a Spirit or lock it.
  • Once given, the treasure becomes bound to the Spirit and cannot be retrieved. Placing another treasure in the same slot replaces and destroys the previously given treasure.
  • The number of treasures you can give increases as your Spirit level increases.
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