A tip guide for those too stupid to let live.

Tips and Tricks

This guide will not be long, nor elegant. This is but a quick and handy reference for overcoming some sins people commit playing this game.

  • Mind firing lines of teammates. Running in front of a guy who has a shot lined up, only to get stunned yourself is no one’s fault but yours.
  • Work as a team. Lone wolves are the first to be killed in a firefight. You lose the right to complain if you go off on your own and get shot down.
  • The Medea actively repairs your suit. Retreat when you’re damaged and repair there. If you don’t get shot down, the enemy gets no points.
  • Do not crowd an enemy. If one guy is taking a swing at an enemy MS, just shoot and avoid using explosives.
  • Radar. Unless you’re fighting a stealth suit. Enemy MS show on radar. Getting flanked means you’re not watching your sides.
  • Provide covering fire. Even if you’re a melee oriented suit, if you see a teammate getting ganged on, give them covering fire. Running in with melee is a good way to get you and them killed
  • Hit the guy in back. Artillery might look like a good way to get a multi kill, but using it on the firing support they have in the back is a guaranteed kill and the last person suspected of being hit with artillery.

How to Beat the Perfect Gundam

Ok so heres what you wanna do to get 100% win rate against all perfect gundams.

First, sortie in the dreissen, preferably the one with infinite dodge rolls in case you get shot. Then you wanna make sure to equip the rapid fire super ultra bazooka, this weapons will make quick work of those perfect gundams, you can also use it to destroy the enemy base in seconds. Just point and shoot, no need to melee or anything, if you miss or hit their shield, just keep shooting ur rapid bazooka, they cant stop you.

On a more serious note, the melee addicted perfect gundam players will be easily tackled when u see them going for their big jump attack. You can also try smacking them with your own melee if you have lv3 priority which was why i was messing around with the gp01 against them. The decent perfect gundam players will require your team to work together and defeat a common foe by attacking from different sides. Piercing shots like on super gundam or gundam mk3 could also help.

If a decent perfect gundam player is backed by a good team, then you are doomed, there’s no chance for you, this perfect gundam will end the game with over 200k damage dealt.

Egor Opleuha
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  1. You forgot #8…

    “Please do not ignore your Support Units. Raid Units will scrap a Support if left alone.”

  2. Good guide, especially for anyone unfamiliar with the game.

    -Might consider to read map and enemy positions more often. Really helps alot in reading potential firefights.

    -Ganging up with teammates of different roles (aka General, Support & Raid types) helps alot in boosting that extra 40dmg points in a 3v2 moments.

    • 1) already covered with watching the radar

      B)I will never ask that of players. This guide is to avoid dumb shit

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