Monster Hunter: World – Dual Blades Anti-Monster Builds Guide (Iceborne DLC)

Huge Collection of Dual-Blades Anti-Monster Builds


Specific anti-monsters builds that perform better than your general build and give you an easier time vs endgame monsters


For Furious Rajang and Rajang you should try to focus the head as much as you can. The head can’t be tenderized so the builds aim to achieve 95%-100% affinity without the tenderized affinity from weakness exploit.

Pre Fatalis just use your regular Bergel Vetra Ice Build.

Regular Fatalis Comfy

Super comfy 4piece Fatalis Set

This build overcaps abit on affinity if you tenderize the arms/back, but ideally you want to hit fujang’s head (which can’t be tenderized) most of the time so that’s why we focus on getting 100% affinity without wex 

Frostcraft Comfort

Comfort Frostcraft build (as much as frostcraft gets), which makes use of Protective Polish+Item Prolonger for the best results.

Frostcraft No HealthBoost

For experienced players this version trades health boost3 for attack boost, more damage less comfy.

If you are familiar with the fight the mantles + evade window 2 are enough to help you survive the fight.


Once you can achieve the Full Safi+ Kjarr and the Comfy Set you can use Fullsafi +Kjarr for the first 2 Areas then in the last area switch to the Comfy set, since it is more dmg than FullSafi Kjarr while Safi is in it’s Critical State.


These builds are pre-Alatreon and it will serve you well to farm Safi for the first few times

Azure Age Only (Pre MR70)

Silveros-Azure Mix (MR70+)

Full Safi + Kjarr

  • Only use this set if you have Kjarr Dragon, the set without the innate critical element of Kjarr dragon becomes alot worse.
  • This set reaches 100% affinity without tenderizer , but you should still tenderize to increase the hzv of that body part (you deal more dmg if you tenderize basically)
  • We don’t use health augment with Safi gear because it will make our Resentment uptime much lower, therefore lower DPS. 
  • Safi isn’t that big of a threat to be scared about the HP drain from the armour, but if you really feel like you need health boost , use affinity augment and you can replace 2 LVL1 expert jewels with Vitality

Comfy Set

Very strong set in general, we don’t really need health boost since Safi isn’t really a threat but if you feel like you need Health Boost just switch the lvl1 Attack boost with Vitality and replace 2 Critical/Evasion with Critical/Vitality.

Anti-Raging Brachydios

For Raging Brachy we use blast resistance 3 to become immune to blast blight, but this won’t prevent the ground puddles left by Rbrachy from damaging you!

Easy Double Wallbang Start for Raging Brachy:

Azure Age Only (Pre MR70)

It’s just you standard build with Blast Resistance 3 in it, nothing too much out of the ordinary

Silveros Azure Mix (MR70+)

Post Fatalis just use your regular Ice build with or without Blast Resistance 3.


Dual blades are a really good matchup for Alatreon as we can dish out alot of elemental damage easily.

A few general informations about alatreon:

  • Alatreon will cycle through 3 modes during his fight : Starts in Fire/Ice Active -> Dragon Active -> Escaton -> Fire/Ice Active (depending on if you break the horns or not while he is in his Dragon Active)
  • In both Special Assignments he starts in Fire Active so for the first 2 quests you only need an ice build
  • The horns can only be broken while he is in Dragon active, they have really low hp so it shouldn’t be a problem. You need to break them in order to keep Alatreon in his starting active. (e.g.  He starts in Fire Active, you break the horns in his Dragon Active, he will switch to Fire active again after escaton. If you don’t break the horns he will switch to Ice active making you deal 0 elemental dmg since your weapon is also ice)
  • You need to deal enough elemental damage to weaken his nova (Escaton). To heal during his weakened Escaton use the first Astera Jerky when you are about half hp or ¾ hp (if you don’t have health boost3) and then another one right after the first. You can use Health booster if you struggle to heal during Escaton.
  • You want to be hitting the head when possible, since that’s where he takes the most damage – but do note the front legs take more elemental damage
  • He can inflict Dragon Blight (Dragon Icon above your health bar) which will make the player unable to deal elemental dmg if affected by it, so bring a bunch of nullberries with you.
  • Enraging Alatreon is really important because he takes alot more damage while enraged, on top of making use of Agitator
  • Flash Pods only work on him if he’s not enraged

Vs Fire Alatreon

Quests where Alatreon starts in Fire Active : 

  • Blazing Black Twilight (Special Assignment)
  • Dawn’s Triumph (Special Assignment)
  • Evening Star (Event Quest)

Pre-Fatalis Builds

Azure Age Only (pre MR70)

Silveros Azure Mix (MR70+)

You can replace Sharp jewel with Challenger/Vitality and swap a lvl1 vitality jewel and 2 lvl1 expert jewel with 2 Blight resistance jewels, you still have 100% affinity and gain blight resist 2

Full Safi + Kjarr

Only use this set if you have Kjarr Weapon, without Kjarr this set is worse than the others.

If you are fine with the HP Drain from the Safi set, you can use this strong set vs him. 

Coal is really easy to manage with Blight Resist2 and really easy to proc vs Alatreon, you don’t need to worry too much about it.

You can replace 1 Tenderize Jewel with Sharp Jewel, you get to 95% affinity and gain Protective Polish to maintain white sharpness.

Post-Fatalis Builds

Fatalis Comfy

Sharp jewel can be replaced with anything else, you don’t need that much sharpness management with Fatalis gear due to innate True RazorSharp.

Flawless/Medicine can be Flawless/Protection if you prefer that


Strongest build vs Fire Alatreon, can get more dmg if you replace vitality with attack boost

Vs Ice Alatreon

Quests where Alatreon starts in Ice Active: 

  • Dawn of The Death Start (Event Quest)

Pre-Fatalis Builds

Azure Age Only (Pre MR70)

Silveros Azure Mix (MR70+)

Full Safi+Kjarr

Only use this set if you have Kjarr Weapon, without Kjarr this set is worse than the others.

If you are fine with the HP Drain from the Safi set, you can use this strong set vs him. 

Coal is really easy to manage with Blight Resist2 and really easy to proc vs Alatreon, you don’t need to worry too much about it.

Post Fatalis Builds

Fatalis Comfy

Don’t be discouraged by the blue sharpness of Kjarr Fire, it’s still the best Fire weapon, only outclassed by Taroth Fire in certain matchups


Strongest build against Ice Ala. At FC#3 efr is 938


You can watch vio’s Fatalis Guide to see how DBs should be played vs Fatalis

Pre Clear


It is recommended you fight fatalis after mr100!

Builds to use vs fatalis the first few times till you can get his gear.

Note that slotting evasion jewels on the evasion mantle does nothing, as evasion mantle acts like the 6th level of evade window.

Azure Age (Pre MR70)

If you don’t have Dragon jewels you can replace Master Charm with Dragon Attack Charm and switch 3 levels of dragon attack with 3 levels of critical eye

Silveros Age (MR70+)

If you struggle with the fight, you can replace the Challenger Jewels (or some of them) on the armour with Evasion Jewels , to give you an easier time dodging attacks, but you will need to get affinity augment lvl 1 if you drop Agitator. 

Post Clear

Builds to use against Fatalis after you’ve got his gear

Alatreon DBs Comfy Build

  • Only use this build once you get Arch Tempered Velkhana gear (head and legs)
  • The empty slot can be used for more Evasion/Stamina management or the last  level of Attack Boost
  • Hard enduring is there just for comfort as it extends dash juice and the other consumables up time
  • You most like won’t have 3x Attack+ 4 Jewels straight away, but just get Attack Boost lvl4 for the 5% affinity 

Fatalis DBs Comfy Build 

After farming Fatalis and getting his gear , you can use this comfy build to fight him.

You can replace the lvl3 handi jewel with something like Latent Power to achieve 100% affinity


This is the best build to fight Fatalis after you are familiar with the fight and you want the best dps.

If you want to use this build but want something abit more comfy, you can run 1 affinity augment and replace one of the Expert Jewel+ 4 with Evasion Jewel+ 4, you reach 95% affinity and gain 2 evade window for when evasion mantle is on cooldown.

You can get more damage by taking out the stamina and vitality jewels and adding Attack boost instead, if you are experienced enough.

Anti-Arch Tempered Velkhana

Due to Arch Temp Velkhana’s Aura, elemental dmg is gutted against her, so we need to go with a raw build.

Recommended to get Fatalis Gear first before fighting Arch Temp Velkh!

Pre Clear

For the first few ATV clears use this build.

Post Clear

The lvl3 Handi jewel can be switch for something like Latent Power to achieve 100% affinity

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