Monster Prom – Beast-er Eggs


Series Mentions

  • Outdoors: In talking with Juanito the 23rd, there is mention of the prequel “Monster Middle School”
  • The Mercy event mentions a Monster Prom sequel which would presumably be entitled “Monster Grad School”.

Alphabetized Non-Existent Mechanics


  • Adoration, +3,000,000.
  • Awakeness, lvl 12 affects those around you.
  • BFF, +1.
  • Coolness, +10.
  • Empathy.
  • Giant Falcon Feather, +1.
  • Honor.
  • Karma, -10.
  • Logic.
  • Math.
  • Mercy, -5.
  • Nobility.
  • Prestige, +200,000.
  • Righteousness, +10.
  • Roses, 7:2 ratio to Charm.
  • Sh!ts, +0.
  • Staphylococcus, +1.
  • STD, +1.
  • Valuable Lesson, +1.
  • Years of Life, -3.


  • Berries, +10.
  • Charisma (Charm), is stored in the spleen.
  • Dexterity (Creativity).
  • Evil, +10 (from liver).
  • Fashion, +10.
  • HP, +10 (from apple).
  • Invite (to crab rave), +1.
  • Life, -ALL.
  • Mana (Fun), can apparently be protected against up to 50.
  • Stamina, +2
  • Strength (Boldness)
  • Wisdom (Smarts).

Zoe, Lady of Endless Regret’s Ships

  • Calculester/Miranda
  • Calculester/Scott
  • Damien/Dahlia
  • Damien/Miranda
  • Damien/Liam
  • Dmitri/Hope
  • Violet/Tate

Zoe, Lady of Endless Regret’s AUs

  • French – Les Monsterables
  • Pirate – Spooky High Seas

Non-Obvious Minority Rep


  • Voyeuristic businessman with a food kink.
  • Polyamorous date with Miranda and Damien/Vlad and
  • Plants are canonically ace/aro, but Robert and Plantgelina Joleaf have gender and are valid marriage partners (at least according to the vaguely rapey Interdimensional Prince).
  • Marshmallow stuffing with Scott.


  • Antonio the Aeronautics Ant is a he/him woman for the Ant pun (butch lesbi-ant?)
  • George the Yeti is deaf & Scott knows ASL for his Grandma’s friends.
  • Moth Mann is in an open relationship with the she/her campfire.

Player Character Anatomy

  • Your stomach can be legally married and is also a Class 5 Atomic Bomb Shelter.
  • Your stats are dictated by Yelp!, can be gambled with, are susceptible to spellcraft, and can be supplemented at a rate of 50mg to 1 (at least in the case of Boldness).
  • Your liver is capable of turning alcohol into telepathy given a good whacking.
  • Your nose is a horn that can summon rhinos.
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