WorldBox – God Simulator – Ninja Turtle Achievement Guide

A fast & easy way to get the Ninja Turtle achievement in WorldBox.

How to Obtain Ninja Turtle Achievement

Starting Off / Traits

First, you want to start a fresh world (Optional).

Make a decent sized box out of mountains, and place your turtle inside.

Then, you want to get rid of any bad traits that may affect the turtle, i.e crippled, infected, etc.

And you want to add the traits “Bomberman”, & “Madness”- these will help the turtles focus and attack enemies.

The Nemesis / Grasshoppers

Now, what you want to do is go to the ‘Creatures’ menu in your hotbar, and select the ‘Grasshopper’.

Now place these grasshoppers into the box the turtles box.

The turtle will slowly make it’s way over to the grasshoppers and eat them.

You’ll want to spawn ~100-200 grasshoppers for sufficient EXP.

Since this process takes a long time, I suggest using sonicspeed / x5 hourglass speed.

Level 10 / The End

Once your turtle has eaten all ~100-200 grasshoppers, the turtle will level up to Level 10; And you will be rewarded with the ‘Ninja Turtle’ achievement.

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