NARAKA: BLADEPOINT – Useful Tips and Secrets for Perdoria Map

Helpful Tips for Beginners (Perdoria Update)

Spring Source

Land on/Appear on either [Arcadia] Spring Enclave which is on top of the map or Mercury River springs which are at left of that area.

Look out for shiny cyan blue areas on the springs and hold to interact with them. Although it’s a bit slower to heal, they can be used whenever without any cost.

Where is the Easter Egg Gate Location?

  • First, you need to use Matari in the match.
  • Get the Red treasure.
  • Go to one of the two places I noted in the pictures, there you see the burning trees. Chop down the tree, remember to chop it straight to the rock nearby, to crack the rock and get inside. There you see will see like in the picture. Salute at it.
  • Then continue completing the match. You get the message after the match.

How to Get Fire Resistance

Land on/Appear on Skygaze Cove , then go to Central Plaza which is the center of the whole area.

You will see 2 runic blue circle mechanisms on two sides of the pit. Interact with one of them to get fire resistance. It’s essential to move freely in the area and get resist to fireball rains that other players can trigger.

Attack Mimic!

In each blessed land, a MIMIC will appear. When you destroy it, you will be able to receive Extreme Weapons or Armor.

Decoding Opens the Tomb

There are 3 entrances to the tomb area:

  • Decode the 4 statues: turn them back inside to open the door.
  • 2 doors on both sides can go in (and go out because the top gate will close quickly).

Be careful of traps when entering the tomb.

Use This Lever to Rain Fireballs on The Map

Land on/Appear on Skygaze Cove , then go to top of the shiplike building that’s called Celestial Barge .

You will find a lever there, interact with it and choose the area you want.

Watch the world burn. And uh, some of those firaballs will stay on the ground after landing for a period of time. If you go near them they will do a fire explosion and deal damage. If you don’t want to worry about them and fight freely, check out my other tip/guide about fire resistance.

Longsword Combo (Toothpick)

Right Click, Dash, Right Click, Uppercut (Hold W), Aerial Attack (Left Click), Short Jump, Aerial Attack (Left Click)

How to Double Dash Mid Air

It is extremely important to practice within the pre-lobby. First find any ledge and practice launching off, you do not need to full charge, but full charge launching by holding left click does send you further out. Second after you are launching in the air you should be able to click “shift” to dash. If you got this far you know the basics.

Lastly to double dash, you want to immediately click and hold left mouse button after dashing once, if you do it too soon or too late this will ruin double dashing. after clicking and holding the left mouse button you want to follow it up by pressing “shift” to once again dash. If you do this correctly you will double dash.

Use Catapults to Travel Great Distances so Much Faster

Locate a catapult, to do it, simply open your map and look for a catapult icon near you.

Interact with the catapult, now you are on it and can aim whatever direction you want.

After you aimed to the direction you want to fly to, release it and fly like a falcon until you cancel it or until you collide with an object or until infinity and beyond.

Catapults have cooldown ~15 seconds. While the catapult in cooldown state no one would be able to use it, but here is important tip: The timer starts the moment you enter the catapult, not the moment you leave it. So if you sit ~15 seconds in catapult then shoot yourself from it, another player will be able to go right after you immediately.

Use Blue Trees to Get Health Regen / Damage Reduction

Land on/Appear on one of these loactions; Twilightsfall , Sunrise Alter , Cascade Creek

Go near the big blue tree and interact with it. It will bind you a shiny blue cablelike line.

It will continue to stay on you as long as you don’t go too far. But don’t worry It stretches enough for you to fight in the whole area.

Secret Morus Blessing: Plumed Castle

Below Plumed Castle go under the passageway (where the roller is). Remember the arrow directions (watch out for the roller. Don’t get hurt). Come up and move the head of the bird accordingly as the arrow direction.

Tip: Remember which direction you do it from.

Don’t Attack The Jellyfish!

You’ll find a lot of jellyfish in and around twilight pass, sure they’re cute but you don’t wanna attack them as they will die (and release a poisonous fogs that will deal a high amount of damage) for you and whoever’s near it, you can use them on fights but be careful that you have to heal otherwise youll be dead if you got into the fog while fighting.

The Mystery of the Mercury River

In the area of the Purple Palace there is a mercury river that will catch a couple of mechanics. Firstly, you can dive into the river itself (simply by pressing C for a short time). Just remember, mercury is poisonous, and staying in it for a long time is not safe. Secondly, you can surf along this very river: after accelerating through the shift, press C to continue moving along the river.

Trigger the Charred Wood once in Perdoria

You can find it at this location on the map!

Rebirth Circle

When you enter the red circle you will be able to respawn twice!

And when you defeat this monster, you will receive legendary weapon.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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  1. Excellent guide, many thanks. Are you aware that in ranked, I consistently battle against bots? Or do they vanish at a given rank?

    • To the best of my knowledge, bots remain in matches and don’t go away once an opponent reaches a certain x-rank or level. The reason for this is that there aren’t enough players to quickly fill every available spot in a match (in addition, I believe some of them are there to keep weaker players involved because they can’t win against stronger players).
      They don’t appear right away in the game to relieve server load, but they eventually spawn close to players. Imagine 20 actual players camping out in the bushes until the ring gets too small to accommodate each player in their own bush. xd
      For the time being, we are powerless to stop them; perhaps in the future, they will be removed from the PvP queue. I know sometimes they’re too simple, but at least you’ll receive some bonus points.

  2. Yoto is able to be taken by Titan form during Ultimate. She can also be killed while in motion or while launching her ultimate.

  3. You shouldn’t use the quick counter because it won’t let you perform certain moves.

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