Zenless Zone Zero – Checking Resource Integrity Stuck on 0% [Fixed]

Fix for Checking Resource Integrity Stuck

  • Make sure you are on the 0% stuck after the latest update ingame, then close the game before moving on to next step.
  • Download the file from this link [Google Drive].
  • Locate the main game folder, you can find in the launcher settings by “Open Directory”
  • Go inside “\ZenlessZoneZero Game\ZenlessZoneZero_Data\Persistent” folder
  • Delete all files that says “remote” in it.
    • Currently there are 4 known “remote” files
  • Some “remote” files may not appear and its normal.

Unpack the downloaded fix files in \ZenlessZoneZero Game\ZenlessZoneZero_Data\Persistent and replace.

  • If you didn’t know how unpack works:
  • Done!


  • This fix only replaces 8 files inside “Persistent” folder.
  • We are not responsible if you delete/missing other files.
  • Make sure to unpack by right click “extract here” instead of “extract to (file name)”.

Known Issues:

  • Choppy cutscene.
  • You might need a new files everytime there is a patch.

How The Fix Works

When you are stuck at 0% there is a process that is having problems inside “\ZenlessZoneZero Game\ZenlessZoneZero_Data\Persistent” folder.

This is example of what happen when you stuck at 0% verify:

You will notice that the remote file has a newer date, this is because the “remote” file is supposed to replace “persist” file.

What you need to do is remove the old “persist” file and then renaming “remote” file to “persist”:

But there is another problem, “revision” file has a unique number inside it. So you also need a new number for it.

If you didn’t change the unique number, another “remote” file will appear and you would still be stuck at 0%.

Since there are 4 “revision” files that integrated with “persist” file, mean there are 4 unique number that possibly changes every ingame patch.

Here are the current unique number (Last Update 7/13):

  • audio_revision : 3294259
  • data_revision : 3324532
  • res_revision : 3324532
  • silence_revision : 3348882

Once you replace the old persist and change the unique number in revision file the game should be able to pass 0% stuck.

How to Get Unique Number

By simply looking at device\pc that able to pass verify integrity (android too).

On android open file manager and go to “\android\data\com.HoYoverse.Nap\files” (need root acces/open from android files app):

As you can see, they are the same number as the pc version:

The only thing that same is only the revision number, the persist file were different.

I hope you found this helpful!

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  1. For some reason it’s not working with last update (for me 😿),can you give me some help? please

  2. This work omg, pls if you can update this everypatch if they dont plan to patch this up :’)

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