Kingdoms and Castles – How to Load Mods That Have Not Been Updated

How to load any mod that says it is not compatible with the current version of Kingdoms and Castles.


This guide shows how to make Kingdoms and Castles load any mod even if the mod is not marked as working with the current version of the game.

For example forcing mods that work with Version 1 of the mod system load in Version 2.

Some mods will not work

This forces the game to load them. It does not mean that they will work.

How to Load any Mod in any Version of the Game

Getting the mod files

First you must get the mod files of the mod you want to run.

Method 1 (Steam/ and GOG method)

Go to Steamworkshop Downloader and copy in the link to the mod you want

Download the folder it gives you. If it gives you a .zip unzip it.

Method 2 (Steam Only)

Subscribe to the mod in the workshop

Navigate to where workshop mods are downloaded.

Default location is as follows:

  • C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\569480

The ‘569480’ is Kingdoms and Castle’s ID number. It will be in the URL at the top KC’s steam store page.

If you have changed your download location you can find where KC is installed by right clicking it in your Library -> Local files -> Browse local files.

This will take you to:

~\steamapps\common\Kingdoms and Castles

From there you need to get to here:


In this folder you will find folders with numbers for names. These numbers are the mod’s IDs.

For example KingdomRenderer’s number is 2306848108 (It is in the URL).

You must find the ID of the mod you are looking for from that mod’s workshop’s page’s URL

Copy the mod folder (THE WHOLE FOLDER. For example right click the folder 2306848108 -> copy)

Placing the mod in the correct place

Locally installed mods are stored in the following folder:

~\steamapps\common\Kingdoms and Castles\KingdomsAndCastles_Data\mods

If your KC is not installed in the default directory follow the steps in “Getting your mod files. Method 2” to find where it is installed.

Paste the folder here. You can rename it if you want though that is not needed. It will have the correct name in game.

Launch the game and the game will try to load the mod. It may not work.


Why doesn’t the /mods/ folder exist?

If you have never run KC the /mods/ folder will not exist. You can create it manually without issue or just launch and then exit the game

Will other workshop downloads work?


Will non-workshop mods work?


Why didn’t the mod(s) load?

They may have crashed on startup. This probably means that they do not work in the alpha. There is nothing you can do unless you can code except ask the developer to update it though many are waiting until the alpha full releases before updating their mods

Why won’t my game load?

This should not ever happen. If it does just remove the mod you just added by deleting it in the the /mod/ folder.

Why do mods appear twice in the mod list?

The game is loading the mods from /workshop/569480/ and from /mods/ and cannot tell that they are the same mod. The ones in /mods/ will load and the ones in /workshop/569480/ will not. If you want the remove the errors simply unsubscribe from the mod’s workshop page though they do not matter and will not impact the game.

How does it work?

Mods in the ~\steamapps\common\Kingdoms and Castles\KingdomsAndCastles_Data\mods folder are not checked to see if they run on the alpha. This is where modders place their mods when creating them so it has less checks than the workshop

Does this enable unsafe code to be run?

No. All code is compiled by the game at run time and there are many rules it must follow to work. This method does not circumvent this

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