Nightingale – Guide to Enchantments

All Enchantments and Their Effects

Arborist’s Shield

  • This enchantment bolsters all of one’s resistance except fire resistance. The duration and strength of this effect increases with the caster’s magick power.

Long have the Druids braved the dangers of the Faewilds, learning from its most stalwart denizens to grow rough, protective bark upon their own soft flesh.

Assassin’s Sight

  • This enchantment reveals weak points and bolsters the damage of critical strikes. The duration increases with the caster’s magick power.

Taught to human devotees long ago by a Fae regent both great and terrible, this sinister magick reveals the weaknesses inherent in all living things and begs you to exploit them.

This Enchantment is a wonderful tool to use to learn where to aim for Headshots, Heartshots, and for various weakpoints that may not be obvious at first glance.

Beast’s Instinct

  • This enchantment allows one to sense creatures within a radius. The duration of this effect increases with the caster’s magick power.

Like a Bandernsatch, stalking through the brush, skilled Druids have learned to become one with the ebb and flow of the natural world, feeling the intent of its many creatures.

This provides a continuosly pulsing “Sonar” effect, allowing you to navigate in terrible conditions, such as certain pitch black storms, and even the Ghost card, quite easily and clearly. It also looks cool.

Blastminer’s Trap

  • This enchantment conjures a magickal glyph that is imperceptible to enemies and explodes when any creature gets close, damaging all nearby enemies. The damage and blast radius of the glyph increases with the caster’s magick power.

Derived from one of many gruesomely failed Hermetic experiments, this magickal trap lies in wait for an unsuspecting passerby, only to unleash a devastating explosive blast.

Bramble Wall

  • This enchantment conjures a defensive wall of bramble that damages nearby enemies. The size of the conjured wall increases with the caster’s magick power.

Learning from the Eoten, great protectors of the Faewilds, one can harness but a taste of their power. Command the undergrowth to stand tall as they do and be shielded from harm.


  • This enchantment dispels magickal effects and disrupts magickal creatures. The radius of this effect increases with the caster’s magick power.

The nullification of a contract is no simple task, but, with the right knowledge, even the bonds of magick may be broken. A tool enchantted thus may dispel the magick of others.

Used to bring Carnutes into the physical realm, remove magickal protections from various creatures, and even outright killing some. This Enchantment provides a great deal of use to the canny Realmwalker.

Hermetic Flame

  • This enchantment engulfs a tool in flame, dealing fire damage on the next hit, and may be charged for multiple hits. The strength and duration of the flames increases with the caster’s magick power.

Generations of Hermetics have toiled in service of a myth – arcane fire that would strength, not consume, a tool. Decades on, the Calcularia boastfully mastered what they could not.


  • This enchantment allows one to cast a fixed orb of light from one’s tools, which can be repositioned with subsequent casts. The distance at which light is cast from the orb increases with the caster’s magick power.

Beings of soft, dancing light, wisps made by Fae are but simple creatures. This facsimile of a wisp made by human hands is, regrettably, no more animate than a latern.

Sadly, this Enchantment functions as a less effective lantern, since it’s stationary.

Jana’s Roar

  • This enchantment taunts or frightened nearby creatures, depending on their bravery. The duration and range of this effect increases with the caster’s magick power.

Jana: a beast legendary enough to inspire the Explorers to dabble in magickal innovation. Their enchantments aim to amulate his fabled shriek, inspiring equal awe and fear.

Oberon’s Bounty

  • This enchantment allows the wielder to more easily fell trees and shatter minerals with their next hit and may be charged for multiple hits, as well as providing greater resource and Essence yield when harvesting. Resource and Essence yield increases with the caster’s magick power.

Druids of old welcomed the Summer Court’s visits and the verdant flora they begot. In such Fae-touched plantlife, the Druids would often find an abundance of magickal Essence.

This Enchantment increases the yield from harvesting all resources with the tool it’s enchanted on. It’s significant, though falls with a range, so it does appear random. For those interested in efficiency and productivity, this Enchantment is a must.


  • This enchantment knocks enemies away, dealing damage to a wide area. The damage and radius of this area increases with the caster’s magick power.

With force like an earthquake, let the ground be sundered, leaving only devastation. Though Druids frown on such wanton destruction, they keep the art alive in times of peril.

The go to combat AoE Enchantment, dealing significant damage and crowd control. A staple of almost every combat savy Realmwalker.


  • This enchantment rapidly heals the caster and can be charged for a more powerful effect. The amount healed and the duration increases with the caster’s magick power.

As legends say, the first humans enter the Faewilds returned with a single gift, the power to heal. Magick was a force for good, but we, ever prideful, hunger always for more.


  • This enchantment hastens plant growth and replenishes harvested trees and flora.

What one takes from a Realm, they must return. Such as the creed of many a druid, and the impetus behind such rituals as these, drawing one’s own magick to replenish nearby flora.

This Enchantment causes the flora within an area to spontaneously regrow, but significantly drains the Durability of the tool when used. If you plan to use this on trees, make sure you leave the stumps behind, as you can’t cause something to regrow from nothing!

Ring of Empowerment

  • This enchantment creates a ring that empowers allies within its radius. The radius of this effect increases with the caster’s magick power.

The Calcularia, covetous of the Fae’s power of true creation, endlessly pursue control over the gentle wisp. Crafting such life remains impossible, but they can be coaxed forth.


  • This enchantment allows one to heal distant allies within a radius. The amount healed, duration, and radius of the effect increases with the caster’s magick power.

When faced with relentless dangers and an onslaught of bound, rely on the ancient ways of the Realms. Magick thrown from saviour to wounded, is a gift older than human record.


  • This enchantment allows one to deal a blast of knockback damage on their next hit and may be charged for multiple hits. The power of the shockwave increases with the caster’s magick power.

Imbue a weapon with heft and the will to propel itself forward, striking with formidable, inhuman strength. Plan wisely, however, as such power is sustained for a single hit at a time.

Summon Swarm

  • This enchantment calls forth a swarm of homing bees. The damage dealt by the swarm increases with the caster’s magick power.

Bane of all who stumble into Realmic forests unprepared, the vicious swarm is indisciminate and unrelenting. Turned against one’s enemies, however, it proves a mighty boon.

Track Legend

  • This enchantment reveals the nearest path to the closest Fabled or Apex creature. At the termination of the path, the enchantment will point towards the creature.

Brave or foolish, the Redcrosse Knights pursued the Realm’s most fearsome beasts, against which they could prove their valour. Dare not follow in their footsteps unprepared.

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  1. Note: I prefer the swamp to the forest. It has only the (quite avoidable) Plague when you stand in the water and some rain. But the desert has the sun and the forest has cold (which reduces health) and hail (which does damage).

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