Ninja Kiwi Archive – Ice Towers and How to Use Them

It’s a common belief that Ice Towers aren’t exactly great, and although that’s true for Glue Gunners – Ice Towers shouldn’t be slept on.

Ice Towers Guide

Uses of the Ice Tower

Ice Towers are best used on mid-to-late-game waves when ceramic and regrow balloons start appearing. These balloons tend to be faster than most and travel in groups, and Ice Towers just so happen no limit on how many balloons they can freeze at once, allowing slower towers to catch up.

Faults of the Ice Tower

It’s no surprise that Ice Towers are slow, with their greatest flaw being how weak they are without upgrades. As normal Ice Towers can only help you deal balloons no faster than yellow ones. This however can be avoided by saving them for later waves when you actually need them!

The best upgrade path without competition being Arctic Winds, which not only slows all balloons, but completely stuff the later waves of Ceramics that would likely kill you otherwise.

Other than that, they can be used to deal with the ceramics that come out of M.O.A.Bs, and that’s the only they can help you with M.O.A.Bs.

Tech of the Ice Tower

There’s some serious jank you can play with while using Ice Towers!

Due to their nature and ability to stop speedy balloons in their tracks, it should be no surprise that when placed next to a Spike Factory, you can effectively double both towers efficiency, creating a stunlock of pain and misery for anything other than blimps.

Another good partner to the Ice Tower are Assault-Rifle Sniper Monkeys! Due to their ability to shred through the first balloons on the track, and since frozen balloons can’t move, you successfully create icy-hell.

Finally, the Glue Gunner. Even though this tower is rarely needed, it should be no surprise to you that slow + slow = slower. However, you might be aware that the only thing worse than slowly freezing to death is being encased in ice while having acid sprayed on you. Balloons hate it!


With all that icy knowledge at your disposal, you’re now ready to bring winter to Terracotta Land!

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