Noita – 100% Completion Run Guide

Unlike the 64 pillar run, we also need to pick up every end room trophy. Some are easy to get soft-locked out of, so we have to do them at the start.

Full Complete Walkthrough (Except Nightmare)


The four difficult stats-based trophies which aren’t time-based can be obtained simply by using Paha Silma and Tannerkivi to dig to the end room (Loading it in is sufficient). The tree can be surmounted early with a mud flask, water flight, or tablet flight.

  1. Pacifist
  2. No Gold
  3. Undamaged

No Wands (not a pillar so not technically required)

Before, we would have to look out for Kummitus spawns as this is also a potential soft-lock, but this is no longer required as Kivi gives us easy progress. The early game is not extremely specific in terms of ordering, the focus should just be on getting progress for the easy spells, perks, and enemies and getting enough resources to do other things later. Reroll machine breaking is entirely optional as well. Pick up all of the main world orbs for spell progress. 

Be careful not to use 3 of the Munkki statues before sacrificing one, as this deletes all of them forever. The following pillars should be easily completable during this time:


  1. Dragon
  2. Pyramid Boss
  3. Meatball
  4. Forgotten
  5. Bridge Boss
  6. Alchemist (Get the key for the 4 music boxes)
  7. Mecha Kolmi
  8. Master Of Masters
  9. Tiny
  10. Leviathan
  11. Tapion Vasalli
  12. Tapion Vasalli (300 Anger) (Only spawns once, don’t kill before reaching this!)
  13. Door Boss

The Friend Boss (Kill 9 of the small ones, but keep Toveri around for sacrificial purposes.)

  1. Kivi (Kill the Kummitus that spawn! You can get them again later after a peaceful reset but they will have quite a bit of HP.)


  1. Coral Chest
  2. Dark Chest (Kantele: G, D#, G, E, A   And Huilu: E, C, B, G#, F)
  3. Take a Tablet to the Hut
  4. Take a Reforged Tablet to the Hut
  5. Grab The End Of Everything Spell
  6. Hourglass Chamber (Tele in the hourglass)
  7. Buried Eye (Snowy depths eye spawn that needs teleportatium, may require looking in PWs)
  8. Meditation Cube (Coal Pits Spawn)
  9. Tower Portal
  10. 1 Orb
  11. 11 Orbs

Potion Mimic Questline (Missing Pillar)

After applying pheromone, use the filled mimic in the Barren Temple to resurrect 10 in the Mimic Temple, awarding Sea of Mimicium. Use mimicium to fill up the near-empty pool of ominous liquid in the Ominous Temple, awarding Touch of Grass. Cast Touch of Grass at the sigil in the Barren Temple to unlock Cessation. Cessation will be needed later, so keep it around.


  1. Monk Statue (Need CoB or Kuu)
  2. 3 Tablets
  3. Chest
  4. Utility Box
  5. Worm Crystal
  6. Potion Mimic

Fish (Missing Pillar, need CoB)

We need to sacrifice a living fish and reforge the wand that comes out. This unlocks the Summon Fish spell for all of your progress and fish-swapping needs. The Summon Swamp variety can be obtained from eye rooms and doesn’t require getting another jawbone.

We still have a functioning Avarice Diamond in this reset, so take the opportunity to deliver the preserved Toveri to it. Ruthlessly murder him afterwards.

  1. Friendship
  2. Friend Boss

Then, collect the 4 normal Essences, gourdify Kolmi, and head to both moons. This gives 7 pillars. Keep the essences on you for later.

  1. Essence Of Fire
  2. Essence Of Earth
  3. Essence Of Water
  4. Essence Of Air
  5. Secret Fruit
  6. Dark Gourd Moon
  7. Gourd Moon

Here we move directly to the first ending before collecting more progress. Having immunity to everything will make progressing easier and safer. Don’t bother collecting too many unnecessary perks before this point, stacking stainless and extra HP is mostly a waste of time.

Gather all 31 orbs + 3 extra orbs and a Sampo from great treasure chests, and head to the altar. The optimal setup for doing EoE as of Epilogue 2 is multicasting EoE with cessation and 14 null shots or 53 increase lifetimes, this keeps you in position during the event and avoids all of the danger. Single-pixel TP and NaN hookbolt can also be used for precision alignment.

  1. Corrupted Orb
  2. Peaceful Ending
  3. All Essence Win

First Reset

Drop the essences, you won’t need them for this reset. The sun quest also isn’t happening yet, so don’t worry about saving the rocks.

Now is the best time to get perk, spell, and enemy progress, before we break the world too much. Make an LDT wand and start hopping through HMs and then eye rooms, make sure you have supplies for nullification altars. Perks which would have been supremely annoying to deal with before the ending, especially when taken simultaneously, are:

  • Glass Cannon
  • Eat Your Vegetables
  • Teleportitis
  • No Wand Tinkering

We now can pick up all of these at once, as well as every other perk, as the side effects are mostly mitigated. Go to the Nullifying Altar and get rid of everything you don’t want, and re-take convenience perks as desired. Survivability isn’t an issue anymore, so don’t worry about things like immunities. Pick up 2 Lukki Mutations for the transformation. We get some pillars from this:

  1. Funky Transformation
  2. Ghostly Transformation
  3. Ratty Transformation
  4. Halo Transformation
  5. Lukki Transformation
  6. Nullification Altar

By this point you should have collected all perk progress except Leggy Mutation, unless you’re really lucky. Next up is spells. The only reasonable way to do this is LDT and eye rooms. You may need as many as 2-400 of them, so patience and fast LDT is recommended. You’ll get every spell you have unlocked in the game like this except Rainbow Trail and the notes, neither of which are particularly difficult to find. Only 2 more spell unlock flags are missing after this.

Once you have Summon Swamp, go to the Master of Masters and drown him. This unlocks Wand Homing, and is the last unlock left besides the Omega Black/White Holes.

Resources have certainly ceased to be an issue by now, so this is the right spot to get all of the enemy progress needed as well. The easiest way to do this is to use Projectile Transmutation and Circle of Unstable Metamorphosis, which produces a large supply of chaotically polymorphed enemies. The only enemies we can’t get from this strategy which aren’t easily found elsewhere are:

  • Minä
  • 3 rare Mimics
  • Jouluhiisi

If it doesn’t happen to be Christmas, you’ll need to change your system clock to get Jouluhiisi to spawn in newly generated Mines biomes. You might also be missing Kolmi at this point, but that’s not a big issue.

Mimics take some difficulty since the infinite chest rain bugs are patched. There are 3 good sources of chests: Pacifist, Mines, Wizard’s Den. Wizard’s Den happens to have the best chest spawn rate per unit area in the game besides Mines, but it’s much bigger. Which one you use is mostly up to personal preference. For Leggy Mimic, only Wizard’s Den works due to height restrictions. Pick up the legs for progress, and remove them afterwards. This is probably the most tedious section of the run if you don’t use a set seed or a tool!

Now we can get to the remaining quests which require a few more resets. This world still has a functioning Avarice Diamond, so we’ll use it. Take a horror monster there.

  1. Friendship

We also still have moon triggers. Better use them. Procure more essences and visit each moon.

  1. Void Moon
  2. Blood Moon

Collect 33 orbs again and another Sampo from GTCs. Do the EoE casts before picking up the greed curse, it’s a little annoying otherwise. Don’t delete your essences yet either. Pick up the greed curse after this step, and head to the mountain altar to do the 33 orb ending. We already did 34, so we only get a single pillar here.

  1. Eternal Wealth

Second Reset

Check pillars and progress here for good measure. Progress should be complete save for 2 spells and 1 enemy (you). We also should have almost all non-sun and moon related pillars.

First order of business, bring a greed crystal to the altar and then yourself to the avarice diamond.

  1. Sacrifice Greed Curse
  2. Avarice

Ditch the greed curse here. You should still have essences from the last reset, but it’s not an issue if you ditch them for convenience, there’s an excess of parallel worlds and eaters.

Pick up the Essence of Spirits and visit the moon. Then head to an essence eater and keep the rocks this time.

  1. Essence Of Spirits
  2. Drunk Moon

The Dark Moon trigger is still around. Make a Sun there with the newly obtained rocks.

  1. Uusi Aurinko (New Sun)

Traffick this sun to the Laboratory and kill Kolmi with it. Remember to load the trophy room to get the pillar.

  1. Benign Sunshine
  2. Kolmi Boss Kill

We need a dark sun in this reset too, but the moon trigger’s already gone. You can make one wherever you like.

  1. Pimeä Aurinko (Dark Sun)

We’re out of triggers, so another reset is needed. You know how to do these by now.

Third Reset

The scale is balanced in this reset. Transport each rock to an altar and sacrifice them. Finish spell progress with the two omega holes.

  1. Sacrifice Sun Gem
  2. Sacrifice Dark Sun Gem

Collect more rocks. Travel to the Moon and put a Sun there.

  1. As Above, So Below

Collect even more rocks. Head to the Moon and put a Dark Sun on it. We get the crown flag from this, and As Above, So Below are implemented weirdly so we only need one dark sun for it.

  1. As Above, So Below (Dark)

Throw the old Sun that was on the Dark Moon into the new Dark sun.

  1. Supernova

Good news, we’re done with peaceful resets! Bad news, we still need the 5 minute and 1 minute pillars, and it’s probably taken more than 5 minutes to get this far. Luckily, there’s a bug we can use to reset the in-game timer. This makes your end stats screen a little more lame, but you can do some manual save backups if you want it to display correctly.

In short, the save00/world/.stream_info file happens to contain the frame counter, which is used to determine when to award the time-based trophies. It also contains the world seed and many world backgrounds, and a bit of other info. That may have been a giveaway for experienced crashers, but it turns out this file is really easy to delete with unfortunately-timed crashing. Make a few backups, enter NG+ and immediately cast a crash wand of your choice. This has a pretty good chance to delete the file. If you lose stuff that’s not the file, load a backup and try again. If it isn’t deleted at all, you can load a backup or just try again in the next NG+.

Alternatively, if your personal ruleset allows, you can just delete the file yourself. Once the file is gone, hurry to the end room in less than a minute to get the Minit trophy. This doesn’t award the 5 minute trophy at the same time, so you’ll need to wait a minute and then head to a parallel end room.

  1. 5 Minutes
  2. 1 Minute

If you want your end screen playtime and world seed to be preserved, restore .stream_info from a previous backup.

Go through 3 NG+’s if you haven’t already, Sampos will need to be summoned with EoE.

  1. New Game + + +

Collect a few more Sampos and do the last few endings. The first two don’t require orbs, the last one requires 11. While you’re at it, collect the 2 parallel Lava Lake orbs so the secrets counter in progress is suitably maximized.

  1. Normal Ending
  2. Toxic Gold Ending
  3. Pure Ending

If your tree hasn’t been loaded yet, you can do so now and check your pillar status. You should have every single one except Nightmare.

Normally, the run ends here. But wait, enemies are only at 185/185! We still need Minä progress, which requires dying to yourself. Make an infinite damage tentacle wand and locate a Master of Masters for a vulnerability curse. Be careful not to be polymorphed after doing so, as this removes your immunity there too! End yourself with a suitably non-tricky projectile for the last bit of progress.

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