Tarisland – Mage Storm Build Guide

Here is the Mage Storm build guide for all Tarisland players.

Guide to Mage Storm Build


  • Opener: 1111642223, 1 to half water, 2, 1 to full, 223.


  • Repeat these two loops: 1 to half water, 2, 1 to full, 6, 22, 31412223.


  • High Energy Potion.
  • Fates.
  • Sprawl.

Choice of Out of control, strive, invasion.


Combo to 42, Cooldown to 19 are most important to smooth the double ice increase rotation.

Omni is an afterthought. In stone max out your Cooldown and combo nodes. Go for emblems with +50% upper left and upper right to boost them.

Special aptitude

  • S Tier: Water spirit.
  • A Tier: Water bomb, storm.
  • B Tier: spikeweed (might get better with the full set mutlipliers), Ice increase.
    • Useless: arctic

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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