Northgard – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for New Players

General Advice

Some things that should not be overlooked, mostly applies to team games

  • If you’re new at the game (even if you’re not), talk to your team. Learn your role in the team, ask when to feast, ask if more scouting needed, ask/suggest when to convert (don’t make army and go on your own). If you plan on being greedy (relic, delay gold) or aggressive, define the plan early.
  • Do not clear yourself! you’re hurting your clear clan and yourself by spending into army early.
  • Most games start to have interaction with enemy in 802. So be ready 802 for +- 10 army and chief. That will help learn when to focus on gold and when your food should be stable.

Most Useful Tips

  • It’s better to lose a villager early than having too many injured (doesn’t apply to kingdoms or eagle).
  • Absolutely do not build healers early to heal your villagers (doesn’t apply to wolf, you need healers to heal your warchief, still avoid healing injured villagers though).
  • Improving your economy is key. Most clans should be mining stone or forging the gefuns jar relic during the first winter to quickly improve their economy (Doesn’t apply to eagle or wolf).
  • Quality > Quantity. If you feel like you need more than 2 food buildings you are either playing boar or you didn’t upgrade your economy fast enough (Doesn’t apply to boar).
  • Most clan specific lores are worth picking. Generally you want 3-6 economy lores and then start investing into offensive lores (doesn’t apply to wolf or eagle).


The only role that is mandatory in team games is clear. Otherwise I wouldn’t think too much in roles. Understanding what a clan can do and can not do in which situations is a big part of learning the game. There is no rule that you need certain clans that are particularly good at one thing in your team.

Yes anyone could scout. Anyone could feast (if they have the button). But there is a cost to these things.

The guy who will scout will have 2 3 guys assigned to do so. That -8 or – 12 food. If it s also the same guy who does most of the feast, well chances are he ll have a lot less army.

So some clans are more OK than others at scouting because they have some sort of bonus to it. Raven/eagle obv. Horse is happy to scout because +1 happiness from quality of life, goat is fine doing so.

But asking ox or dragon to scout will cost you sever military power for example.

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  1. you can build more then 1 house in a area AS houses have only the total building limit

  2. good guide, thank you,
    How do you get good relations with natral tribes like kbolds and gaints, and how to interact with them?

    • To get good relations with any neutral faction, you must trade goods with them for long enough. The better your relationship with them the more krowns you earn in the trade

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