Old World – Useful Hotkeys


There’s oodles of them, check the controls in the options for the full list. Here’s a few that are handy early on:

  • Middle click “locks” a tool tip open – so you can hover links on the tool tip. This can stack/expand to dig into details.
  • V shows you your “connections” (mix of rivers, roads, harbors, that link your cities)
  • Z hides “ground cover” like trees so you can see just the base terrains.
  • CTRL+click (with a worker selected) on a tile within a city for a popup of everything you can do/build with that tile
  • Hover over settle-able tiles (with a settler selected) to see how the borders will look for the different tiles you can settle for that city plot.
  • Spacebar will fire the “pass” action for a unit (does not “exhaust” them, you can manually reactivate).
  • TAB is kind of a universal “cycle” – it hops you between anything needing attention or idle.

More from the leader portrait parf of the UI:

  • 1 cycles your events/and required actions for the turn (city needs to act, etc).
  • 2 cycles idle growth based units (settlers, workers, scouts, etc) – prioritizes settlers > workers > others.
  • 3 cycles idle military units.
  • 4 cycles idle cities.
  • 5 ends your turn if you have no required actions to handle, with no confirmation – probably worth avoiding until one has a feel for the orders system.

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