Once Human – Specializations Guide (Facilities / Formulas)

This has been divided between “Facility” and “Formulas”, and grouped to make it even easier to find whichever one you’re looking for. They also have the lvl. range in which they have been seen so far.

Facilitie Specializations

Gear Bench

Custom Gear WorkbenchEverything crafted here gets +30% max durability.5, 10, 15Master Craftsman


Recycle & reuseTactical items like Drones and machine guns crafted here get +1 usage count25, 30Master Craftsman


Careful DisassemblyDisassembling parts, fabrics and plastic gives +30% yield5, 10, 15Smelter
Electronic RecyclingMetal scrap and electronic parts give +50% yield5, 10, 15Machinist

Kitchen Set

Kitchen Set: GourmandBase effects of all dishes +30%, duration +50%, crafting speed -50%40, 45Star Chef
Long-Term StorageDoubles the shelf life of dishes you cook yourself5, 10, 15Star Chef

Supplies Workbench

Ammo FactoryCreate +50% ammo when crafting regular ammunition5,10, 15Master Craftsman
Anti-armorCreate +30% ammo, 50% reduced crafting time, for armor piercing ammunition35, 40, 45, 50Master Craftsman
Healing boostWhen crafting activators they get +10% HP recovery and +1 output20, 25, 30, 35Master Craftsman


Furnace: SinteringSintered Bricks & Glass crafting speed -50%, and yield +100%20, 25, 30, 35Tinkerer
Electric Furnace: Efficiency LoverElectric Furnace power consumption +50% — Crafting duration -60%15, 20, 25 30Smelter
Electric Furnace: ElectrolysisDouble yield when smelting aluminium and tungsten ingots40, 45, 50Smelter
Furnace: Precision RefiningResource cost -30%, speed -30% for copper, bronze, steel, aluminium, tungsten5, 10, 15Smelter

Unique Facilities

Super RefinerySuper refinery transforms acid into portable fuel more efficiently5, 10Smelter
Stardust water pumpsSpecial pump that can extract stardust source from polluted soil20, 25, 30 35Hydro Engineer
Stardust MineIncreased mining efficiency in polluted zones, additional chance to get startrace ore40, 45, 50Prospector
Lucky Logging SiteA chance to obtain random extra crops when gathering whenever the sun is shining45Prospector


Biomass Generator: Sustained Outputbiomass generator output +5w, and fueld burn duration +100%20, 25, 30, 35Sparksmith
Deviation Generator Stardust Unleashedmax deviation energy generator -1, but +40% power output40Sparksmith
Generator: Electrical Expertmaximum generators +1, and +2w output20, 25, 30, 35Sparksmith
Hydraulic Generator: One with the tidesmax. hydraulic generators +1, power output +0 to +7, depends on water flow speed40, 45Sparksmith
Solar Generator: Photon PowerSolar generator output +10w10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35Sparksmith

Base & Fortifications

Bed: A place to call homeBed sleep for more than 10s cures all illness and stamina depletion for 10 minuttes.5, 10Tinkerer
Custom Storage CrateCan craft large crates with 64 inventory slots10, 15Tinkerer
Reinforced Structures: Healing DefenseReinforced structures gain “healing defense”. max. structural items at base +8040, 45, 50Tinkerer
Stone Structure: Intense DefenseStone structures gain durability +100%. Max. structural items at base +10010, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35Tinkerer
Updraft Cannon: Gravity Linegravity reduced around the Updraft cannon and movement speed increased for 5s15, 20, 25, 30Tinkerer
Wood Structures: Tough PlantWood structures get +150% durabilityTinkerer
Defense: Battle-hardenedsandbags & fortifications get +110% durability. when territory exits combat, durability recovers to 100%5Artillery Marshal
Flamethrower Trap: Scorching BlastFlamethrower trap +30% damage. After kill, triggers AOE blast, 1 sec. cooldown5, 10, 15Artillery Marshal
Gatling Cannon: Power BlastGatling Cannons +30% damage. After combat, durability recovers to 100%40, 45, 50Artillery Marshal
Gravitational Grip: Bonds of Guidancewhen Gravitational trap is triggered, 20% chance to inflict “The Bulls Eye” effect20, 25, 30, 35Artillery marshal
Machinery: Skilled MechanicianTrap & Sentry turret get +50% durability5, 10, 15Artillery Marshal
Rifle Turret: Two Birds One StoneRifle Turret Damage +30%, durability +30%, attacks on target trigger bounce effect45Artillery Marshal
Shotgun Turret: Volley FireShotgun Turret deals +30% damage and consumes 30% less power25, 30Artillery Marshal

Formula Specializations

Craft For Energy Links

Precious Metal RefiningSmelt silver and gold ore into ingots, that can be sold for Energy Links20, 25, 30, 35Smelter
Combo ChipsetMakes Combo Chipset from electronic parts, metal scraps and parts, that can be sold for Energy Links20, 25, 30, 35Machinist
Rare Crystal SetTurns crystals into Rare Crystal Set, which can be sold for Energy Links40, 45Master Craftsmen


Canned Goods: Mini CannerYield increased by +1 when making Canned Goods.15, 20, 25, 30, 35Star Chef
Iceshake: Brain FreezeIceshake duration +200% and potency +30%25, 30, 35Star Chef
Nalcott Easter EggUse to randomly receive the contents of a settlement loot crate.45, 50Star Chef
Roasted & Dried: Low and SlowRoasted and Dried dishes now give +15 energy and +10% sanity.5, 10Star Chef
Stardust DelicacyDishes with Stardust no longer reduce sanity, but restore full sanity and grant 2 random whims.45, 50Star Chef

Resource Management

Nalcott Easter EggUse to randomly receive the contents of a settlement loot crate.40, 45, 50Star Chef
Improved Compound FertilizerFertilizer that significantly enhances crop mutation rate and yield, but also slows down growth.25, 30, 35Child of The Earth
Sulfur AlchemyCan convert Sulfur to Acid at a synthesiser bench, over long time15, 20, 25, 30demolition expert
Crystal TransformationTurn Stardust source into various types of crystals at electric furnace40Smelter
Oil ProcessingUse Startrace ore & Portable mixed fuel, to create stardust15, 20, 25, 30, 35Smelter
Stardust ByproductsAcid consume stardust source to craft acid40, 45, 50Smelter
Chainsaw: Chainsaw Horror ShowChainsaw durability +50%, attack speed +30% & melee damage +100%10, 15, 20, 25Prospector
Electric Drill: Treasure HunterElectril Drill gives +100% gold, silver & startrace ore when mining.20, 25, 30, 35Prospector
Gold Pickaxe, Silver PickaxeA not very durable pickaxe, but can give mixed spices when mining & fruits when used for logging.40, 45, 50Prospector
Pickaxe: Forest FoePickaxe durability +100% and +30% yield when logging with it, and get 150% of the resourses when you completely destroy a tree5, 10, 15Prospector
Pickaxe: Moonlight MiningWhen mining Copper, Tin, Iron, Aluminium & Tungsten ore during the day, yield is increased by +25%. At night, yield is increased +50% instead.5, 10, 15Prospector
Solar DrillCharges itself on sunny days, and gives +15-40% more copper, tin, iron, aluminium & tungsten ore.20, 25, 30, 35Prospector

New Combat Items

Stardust Regulatorrecover 70% HP and gain shield equal to 30% max. HP. Has a 30 seconds cooldown and can be activated up to 15 times.40Master Craftsmen
Silver Plasma Missilesspecial ammo for gatling cannon, expensive to make but does very high damage. Shoots in straight line and has high blast damage and AOE50Artillery marshal
Jump BoosterUse to be able to double jump for 30s15Machinist
Portable Updraft Cannonmakes a portable updraft cannon that lasts 30 seconds and can give +200% jump height. Can be used 10 times.10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35Machinist
Spectral CloakActivate to become cloaked for 120s. Upon leaving combat, you’ll become stealthy. Can be used up to 10 times.45, 50Machinist
Gold KnifeThrowing knife, that triggers unstable bomber when thrown against a deviant. If hitting weakspot, triggers unstable bomber again.40, 45Demolition expert
High Power Warheadhigh-efficiency rocket launcher warhead. is lighter and deals more damage to buildings and vehicles.40Demolition expert
Throwing Dagger: BullseyeThrowing Dagger +30% DMG. After killing an enemy with Throwing Dagger, next throw does +100% DMG5, 10Demolition Expert
Ultra GrenadeHigher blast damage and additional damage against buildings & vehicles40, 45, 50Demolition expert

Item & Ammo Improvements

Adrenaline Shot: PhoenixTake less damage for 10s after respawning, and slowly recover HP.20, 25Master Craftsman
Biomass Missile: Ample MunitionPlasma Missiles have -80% weight and +2 yield when crafted.20, 25, 30, 35Artillery Marshal
Portable MG: Barrage of BulletsPortable MG turrets have an additional shot. HP and DMG increases by +30%, and turret can be used up to 5 times.30, 35Machinist
Scout Drone: Invisible HunterScout drone enjoys “Bulls eye” effect, +30% HP and damage, and can now be used up to 5 times40, 45Machinist
Stardust Barrier: Hold The LineStardust barriers give +50% hp. Replenishes 50% for all allies within 3m when deployed, and can be used 5 times.40Machinist
Claymore Mine: Warriors ResolveDMG and Durability greatly increased, and will also acquire an additional DMG bonus as you increase your PSI intensity.25, 30, 35Demolition Expert
Explosives Throwables: Echo BlastGrenades and molotovs do +30% DMG, and first kill with these, triggers an additonal explosion dealing 400¤ PSI intensity DMG.25, 30Demolition Expert
Throwing Dagger: BullseyeThrowing Dagger does +30% DMG. After killing an enemy with a throwing dagger, next throw does +100% DMG.10Demolition Expert

Backpack Passives

Electronics GrabberWhen in backpack, gives small to medium chance of getting extra electronic parts, when opening storage crates.5, 10 15Machinist
Lightning Impulse RegulatorWhen in backpack, if struck by lightning, grants +15% move speed, and +30% psy intensity for 60 seconds.40, 45Sparksmith
Gravel and Log On-The-GoWhen in bakcpack, reduces weight of ores, logs and gravel by 30-60%5, 10, 15Prospector
Chefs KnifeWhen in backpack, gain +1 meat from animals and 20-40% chance of getting additional byproducts.5, 10, 15Star Chef
Portable FridgeWhen in backpack, reduces food spoilage speed by 70-90%.15, 20, 25, 30Star Chef
Explosive On-The-GoWhen in backpack, reduces weight of all grenades, molotovs, explosives and rockets, by 30-60%. Also +20% speed after throwing a explosive.5, 10Demolition expert
Explosive SackWhen in backpack, gives 30-60% to recover mixed explosives after using high-explosive grenades and molotov cocktails.5Demolition expert
Activated Carbon FiberWhen in backpack, gives 30% of getting a boiled or pure water, when collecting water with a flask10Hydro Engineer
Portable Diving GearWhen in backpack, +40-100% max oxygen 40%, and +20% swim speed while diving.5, 10Hydro Engineer
Portable Rainwater collectorWhen in backpack, restore hydration and 30-60% chance of getting 1 dirty or pure water, or 1 acid, every minute on rainy days.5Hydro Engineer
Compost BinWhen in backpack, transforms 1-3 spoiled food, into fresh mushrooms or a fertilizer, every 5-10 minuttes.10, 15Child of The Earth
Gardening GlovesWhen in backpack, gives 6-12% chance to double seeds gathered.5, 10, 15Child of The Earth
Harvesting SickleWhen in backpack, get 20-40% chance of doubling gathering in the wild.5Child of The Earth

Thank you for your time and I trust you found this little guide useful.

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