ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 4 – Special Log Yamato 3: Navy Base 100% Clear

Clearing all Objectives in the Yamato Special Log 3 Navy Base with Objective Details and Pathing.

Objective Results

These are the results you can expect to get by focusing only Objectives, not including Chest Points (1000 points each) or Minion Kill Points (300 points for every 500 minions) that weren’t necessary. Still had over 8 minutes on the clock upon completion, so you can easily get over 15,000 points for the max rewards at the end, especially since in this one, there are a lot of minions, and objectives to kill x amount of minions in a time limit, so your kills will generally be pretty high for this Map.

You can ignore all the Soul Enemies, as the farming spots for each Soul Type are as followed:

  • Land of Wano for Stamina Souls
  • Land of Confections for Health Souls
  • Navy Base for Defense Souls
  • Archipelago of Dancing Bubbles for Power Souls

Part 1

  1. Defeat Commander and Tashigi. Once the game has finished its dialogue for the intro and is finished playing catch up, you will have a mission pop-up telling you to kill 300 minions in 2 minutes after defeating the Commander, and will spawn a bunch of the minions on top of Yamato, so just kill them and move towards objective 2 while you keep working on that mission.
  2. Defeat Smoker. Only appears after defeating Tashigi.
  3. Defeat Commander and Koby. After defeating Koby, a Commander will spawn at the top of the zone, DO NOT defeat him, as he is objective 5, this is important as that one triggers the Map Search. After defeating Koby and the Commander for this objective, a bunch of Commanders will spawn and head to defeat Yamato, defeating only these Commanders is another mission.
  4. Defeat Garp. Only appears after defeating Koby.
  5. Defeat Commander with a 300 HIT Count. There will be a lot of minions between Garp and the Commander, so you will be able to get your hit count up over 300 before you even reach him so long as you attack and dash your way there.

Part 2

  1. Defeat Commander and Blueno.
  2. Defeat Commander and Jabra. After defeating the Jabra then the Commander, Kaku will call for backup and a mission to defeat 300 minions within 1 minute will pop-up, while spawning in a bunch of Minions, just smash out the 300 then head to objective 3.
  3. Head to Location. A Commander spawns in this area, but he can move out of it and onto the path, so just head to the Location, as it starts the next objective.
  4. Defeat the Messenger before he reaches Destination. His destination is just after the passage between zones located below objective 5.
  5. Defeat the Commanders. Just like in part 1, here there will be a lot of Commanders spawning and heading towards Yamato to defeat her.
  6. Defeat Kaku.
  7. Defeat Lucci. Appears only after defeating Jabra and Kaku.

Part 3

  1. Defeat Kizaru and Fujitora. They spawn outside of the circled area, but since they head straight for Yamato, they will both end up in the circled area together, where you can defeat them both at the same time.
  2. Defeat Kuzan.
  3. Defeat Pacifista.
  4. Defeat Pacifista. More will spawn shortly after defeating this one, and the zones can then be captured.
  5. Defeat Sentomaru. Only spawns after defeating objective 3 and 4 Pacifista.
  6. Defeat Akainu. Only appears after capturing all territories, thus the pathing to get to him, as the zone captures are locked behind the Pacifista’s being defeated that spawned in each zone after objective 4, and the Leaders being defeated in each zone too.
  7. Defeat Sengoku, Akainu, Kizaru and Fujitora. This objective only happens if you have cleared each and every objective up to this point.

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