Pathologic 2 – Abattoir Guide

My strategy for getting through the abattoir without taking damage (spoiler free).

Strategy Guide to Beat Abattoir


So, I don’t know how many people are still playing this game for the first time, but the first time I got to the abattoir I ended up dying a ton of times and taking the deal (DON’T take the deal). After having played this game far too many times now I think I’ve developed a pretty good strategy for getting through the abattoir safely. For a game that encourages you to avoid combat, forcing you into a level where you basically need to kill five enemies can be super tough. I’ve figure out a way to get through it with all five vials of living blood and without dying a bunch of times.

This isn’t the most efficient way of playing since it’s not hard to kill a worm once you have the scalpel, but it is the safest way if you wanna avoid taking damage.

General Tips

  • The goal is to attack every worm from behind and stunlock them to kill them before they can attack you. This way you can avoid using living blood and make it out with all five vials, and avoid unnecessary deaths.
  • If a worm ever notices you before you start attacking them from behind, the best strategy is to run like you do with worm #4 and then stab them in the back as they’re walking away from you. If worm #1 notices you it’s best to just reload and try again since there’s nowhere to run.
  • If a worm manages to start attacking you, it’s safest to just reload to avoid dying.
  • On normal difficulty you can heavy attack four times before you run out of stamina, but you should be able to regain enough stamina to hit them one more time and kill them before they’re able to turn around and attack you.


Enter the abattoir with nearly full stamina and preferably near full health. The goal with this is to not get hit at all, but it’s nice to have as much health as possible just in case, and full stamina is necessary for attacks. The very first pool of blood can’t be bottled so you get to drink and restore some health and stamina but you need to make sure it’ll restore you to full stamina.

Worm #1

Sneak up behind him and hit him with four heavy stealth attacks. Block for a couple of seconds to restore stamina faster and then hit him with one more heavy attack to finish him off. If done correctly you kill him before he can even turn around to attack you. Loot his body for a bottle and collect the living blood.

Worm #2

Ignore the herb brides to your left once you’re past the bridge and focus on the worm directly ahead of you. Wait until he turns around to walk in the opposite direction from you and sneak up and do the same set of attacks you did on the first worm (four heavy stealth attacks, block for stamina, one last heavy attack). Collect bottle and living blood. You could go left immediately instead and get the scalpel before you fight him, but I find that this tends to get his attention and it’s easier to just kill him unarmed.

Go past where the pool of blood was and talk to the herb brides. Do what they say, and then equip the scalpel you received.

Worm #3

Continue through the abattoir until you see the next worm. Crouch next to the pool of blood and wait until he turns around to walk away from you, then sneak up and stab him in the back. With the scalpel equipped it’ll only take two stabs to kill him. Grab the bottle off his body*, then turn around and run back the way you came.

*you can come back for it later if you need to, but I tend to just grab it now and then get the blood after dealing with worm #4.

Worm #4

Due to the way the abattoir us designed, killing worm #3 will almost always get worm #4’s attention. With the scalpel it isn’t too hard to fight him head on, but the safer strategy is to try and lose him and then kill him from behind. This ensures you make it out without needing to use any living blood to heal and without dying. You should only need to run until the bridge at most before he drops chase, but look behind you every once in a while to see if he’s stopped or not. Once he has, wait a bit until he turns around to walk back, then sneak up behind him and stab him twice. Get the bottle off him and then collect the next two pools of living blood.

Worm #5

Sneak up to where the ramp starts and wait until the worm turns his back to you, then sneak up and stab him twice. Get his bottle and go up the ramp to collect the living blood.

This is the last enemy, so just continue through the abattoir and finish the story bits of it.

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