PAYDAY 3 – How to Actually Disable Mouse Acceleration

Having trouble aiming? It’s not just you. Here’s an INI tweak to fix it.

Guide to Disable Mouse Acceleration

What’s Going On?

The game uses built-in mouse acceleration for things like making it harder to aim up and down when holding a hostage in your left hand. However, this also interferes with regular aiming and can make you feel really skill-issued when none of your muscle memory is working.

How Do I Fix It?

Go to:

  • C:\Users(Your PC Username)\AppData\Local\PAYDAY3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Note: Enable hidden folders if you don’t see some of the folders. To do this in Windows 11, you can click View in File Explorer and under Show, tick Hidden items.

Open the Input.ini file.

If you disabled Mouse Smoothing in the game settings, it should look like:


Literally all you need to do is, below this add bDisableMouseAcceleration=True. It should look like this:


Save the file and close it out. This Unreal Engine 4 setting disables all of the mouse acceleration in the game and you will immediately notice the difference (At least, I did).

You’ll be able to look up and down with a hostage with no slowdown either. Hopefully needing this tweak gets fixed in a patch. You thought you were popping helmets before, but now you’ll be sending them flying.

Written by Hunger


  1. i cant find any of the mouse setting in the input.ini file, i opened it with notepad+++ so i can literally search it and i didnt find it anywhere

    • or am i supposed to add the line myself under the script/engine thing? and do i need to disable mouse smoothing or was that just an example?

      • Yes just add the lines yourself at the bottom of the file like this


  2. i dont have a “WindowsNoEditor” folder, i only have a “WindowsClient” Folder and when i open the input file it doesnt have any of these lines. i have hidden files enabled

    • WindowsClient is likely the live build of the game, I have WindowsNoEditor from the beta. It should work if you add the lines yourself. My input.ini has both of those settings plus a bunch of key mappings that point to some UI elements.

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