PAYDAY 3 – Infamy Farming Guide (with Bonus Tips)

Do you want to unlock more skill points, weapons and cosmetic items as fast as possible, but don’t see much progress after finishing harder heists? Then this guide is for you!

How to Farm Skill Points, Weapons and Cosmetic Items

All You Have to Do Is… Play Road Rage on Normal

Yep, although it feels counter-intuitive to think that you can level up faster playing Normal than Overkill (since it was this way in Payday 2), Payday 3’s leveling system is not about amount of bags at the highest difficulty, but about completing challenges.

And since you’re spending more time trying to stay alive and complete objectives than killing cops while playing harder difficulties, you can relax and don’t worry about getting downed every second or so on Normal.

You can pick any heist really, but I like this one. I think it fits the most, there aren’t a lot of civilians, cops spawn points are predictable + it pays pretty well even on normal.

Check Out Your Combat Challenges Tab

In the menu click on “Challenges” -> then “Combat”

See which of those are close to completion or which do you prefer to complete.

Read a description, pick a primary and secondary weapon.

With some weapon challenges you might kill two birds with one stone, for example:

As you see, with this weapon you can progress with 3 challenges at the same time, you just have to get headshots while aiming down the sights.

Some other challenges might want you to get kills with silenced version of your weapon or while firing from the hip, so check the description.

Also, don’t forget that there are grenade, flashbang and smoke grenade challenges.

Skills and Equipment

I recommend to pick armor bag and armor related skills so you could stay longer. Just select your toughest armor and you’re set.

Bonus Tips

These will count towards a challenge that gives you Infamy EXP

  • If at the end of the heist you still have your Ammo/Medic/Armor bag – deploy it before evacuation.
  • During stealth – always mark every guard and camera you see.
  • Make sure you use your ECM jammer before completing heist, even during loud.
  • Use hostages as a human shield(especially during Road Rage van escort) – it will help you get shot less and keep naders from tear gassing you.

Other Tips

  • During stealth, place a Motion Sensor tool on a Lead Guard’s ass who spawns on Overkill – this way you know where he is at all times so you can avoid him AND he will mark other guards/civilians as he walks around.
  • If you completed a challenge – finishing a heist is optional, you will level up Infamy even if you fail (I’m 80% sure, have to confirm this).
  • Use melee to drop civilians down on the ground immediately.

Hope these are helpful.

Load up a heist, follow the challenge descriptions and you’re golden!

Have fun!

Written by Ace_D4


  1. This is so aids, the bots keep killing all the cops and I have to keep running around, probably better on OVK but you’re gonna get rolled solo.I guess it’s fine for farming GL kills, but I already have that at max… farming sniper rifle is better on dirty ice

  2. The last heist is better than road rage, you can hold up in the bathroom on the right when you enter the apartment for about 4-5 assaults solo on overkill, tons of kills. easy

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