Starfield – Guide to Mining for New Recruits

Welcome Recruit! This guide is dedicated to help you finding ores through the universe, extract them and finding uses to achieve your goals.

Mining Guide


Welcome miners!

As part of the Argos Extractors mining corporation, your main objective will be to find and extract ores as well as many other resources. This concise guide will help you to learn how to use the different tools at your disposal in order to extract all those marvellous wonders from the ground.

Extraction Methods

As seen in your training, there are 3 extraction methods available to you, according to the resource you wish to get. Let’s see them in detail.


On your first day, you must have been given a Cutter, which will be your best friend in your career. It is capable to mine any chunk of ore you may find.

Point the chunk you wish to mine and hold the trigger (left-click) to start the laser. You will hear a sound if the laser actually hit the ore. Beware: you have to be close enough for the cutter to work.

Your cutter has a secondary mode: Hold the button on the handle (right-click), you’ll see that your cursor is moving. Once the three lines reach the center of the cursor, hold the trigger (left-click) to shoot a more powerful laser that will mine ores way faster!

Always wear your safety goggles before handling any tool!


Yes, your hands are also great tools! Some of the resources you will find such as gaseous resources require you to fill containers with those resources to get them.

First, you need to find a vent like this:

Then, approach carefully the vent and press the Action button (E by default) to get the resources.


In uncharted territories, you can establish new outposts to mine ores. This later method is the most efficient but has two requirements:

  • A huge vein located in the ground
  • Electricity

Here is what a cobalt vein looks like:

Be sure to have everything you need so you can provide enough storage and energy to your outpost. Power shortage is bad for everyone!


Across the universe, you will find a lot of useful ores that can help you building new outposts.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of ores and their utility.

Tungsten (tungstène)

Tungsten is especially useful for copper extractors, helium generators and gaseous storages.

Lead (plomb)

Lead is especially useful for structures such as hydroponics or habitations

Uranium (uranium)

Uranium is useful to build Robot Engineers.

Gaseous and Liquid Resources

Gaseous and liquids can be extracted quite easily but are also dangerous. Here is a few of them that you can find with their utilities:

Tetrafluorides (tétrafluorides)

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