Persona 4 Golden – How to Beat the Game on Very Hard Mode

Very Hard Mode Tips

  1. Stock up on healing items.
  2. Grind a lot of shadows.
  3. Use Accessories.
  4. Use Multiple Personas.
  5. Grind Yen for Armor, Weapons and Accessories.
  6. Get Social Links Up To fuse More personas.
  7. Try to get every Social Link.
  8. Use healing skills, not the items. (dia, media, diarahan, etc).
  9. If you run out of SP, use healing items, but also use sp items.
  10. Get your Stats up, Read books.
  11. Date Chie.
  12. Have it to where everyone can take hits for you and you want to have Endurance.
  13. Follow ups are useful.
  14. EXP Gain on less requires very advanced strategies and grinding methods.
  15. Money gain on less means to sell alot of your items.
  16. Make sure to Use the days that you have to complete a dungeon to get bonds.
  17. Grind a previous dungeon so you don’t die but you also get at least some exp.
  18. Example of Seventeen, Rise Dungeon, go back to Kanji Dungeon to get all chests and grind.
  19. Yes, get all chests!
  20. Use guides like these.
  21. Use good personas.


  • Also use every team member for each dungeon because they can be helpful with moves.
  • Social Links will make ur personas even higher level, really useful.
  • Also, hang out with Marie. She can do you wonders.

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