Persona 4 Golden – Enemies Resistance Guide (Includes Shadows)

Enemies have certain resistances that take some trial and error; this is my trial so you don’t err!

Guide to Resistances

Definitive Defense Document

  • Flattering Hablerie has brain freeze.
  • Forgotten Hablerie gets a numb tongue when Zapped, but is immune to Spicy Food, if you will.


  • Amenti Raven, as with IRL birds, is quite vulnerable in a Thunderstorm.
  • Venus Eagle is strong against Wind, but weak to Ice.

Cast No Shadows

  • The “Antenna Monster” has no specific weakness.
  • The “Cracked Friend” is part of the Polar bear club.
  • “Not Link” is immune to light, darkness, poison, and works double shifts.

Evacuate the Dancefloor

  • Ardent Dancers.
  • Royal Dancer is immune to Fire and Ice.

Gigas Giant

  • Beastly Gigas needs a sweater.
  • Furious Gigas is fireproof.

Give ‘Em a Hand

  • Almighty Hand needs a glove.
  • Killing Hand can be thumb wrestled into submission.
  • Supreme Hand must be arm wrestled.
  • Treasure Hand nullifies all but Physical damage.


  • Blue Sigil can be ripped apart like a book in the Third Reich.

Idle Worship

  • Leading Idol must be made of gold, because it’s built like a lightning rod.
  • Liberating Idol Burns like a redhead in the sun.

Pass the Basalt

  • Anguish Basalt might as well be made of copper.
  • Dependant Basalt must be eroded with time and a shovel.
  • Idle Basalt is weak to Fire and Electricity.
  • Insolent Basalt is immune to Fire and Ice.
  • Large Basalt is tough.

Pod People

  • Avarice Bambino can be controlled with a wildfire.
  • Blooming Bambino eats Ice for breakfast.

Quit Bugging Me!

  • Adamant Beetle reflects Physical.
  • Strength Beetle flaps back if it ain’t physical.

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty…

  • Mighty Beast is an African lion wholly unsuitable for colder climates.

Tanks for the Memories

  • Arcane Turret
  • Scarlet Turret

Vegas, Baby!

  • Platinum Dice are best served cold.
  • Silver Dice are tough, but elementally challenged.

Why Did It Have to Be…!

  • Amorous Snake needs to get out of the kitchen, since it can’t take the Heat.
  • Lustful Snake is cold-blooded, so tell it to Chill out.


  • Enslaved Beast’s chain is a nonConductive metal, but the ball is light enough to be Blown away.
  • Death Seeker is all-around normal.
  • Blind Cupid is easily blown away on its tiny wings.
  • Champion Knight’s armor is aimed at jousting.
  • Mad Cyclops is fuming.
  • Persistent Fuzz reflects everything but Physical damage.
  • Sky Balance is only vulnerable to attacks of Ice and Fire.
  • Spurious Book is an anti-magic religion.
  • Whimsical Papillion can’t adapt to an ice age.
  • Inviting Nyogo is a good fuel source, but have deep roots that can’t be swept away.
  • Dogmatic Tower.
Written by Terreliv

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