Pharaoh: A New Era – Guide to Linen and Jewels for Free

If Path is in your city, then you’ll get linen and jewels for free. How? very easy, read it!

Linen and Jewels for Free

What Do I Need?

  • You need Path will be in your city.
  • You need 2 Warehouses or more…
  • If you can build textile mill, you can build a paar (not necesary).
  • If you can build jewellery workshop, you can build a paar. (not necesary).
  • If you can’t build these buildings, you need a trade route to import once.

How Do I Get Them?

Path will only fill the warehouses with materials that they are in yet. So we’ll need to put some linen and jewels in warehouses.

  1. We’ll build two warehouses, and set them to accept only linen and the other only jewels.
  2. If we can build textile mills and jewellery workshop, we build them and just wait Path fill these industries. They will carry the linen and the jewels to the warehouses, so then we will just only wait Path fill the warehouses. Then we can build another warehouses and do the same, or transport 1/4 to the new warehouse and wait, and in this way to infinity and beyond… 🙂
  3. If you can not build these industries, don’t worry! Build the two warehouses, set them to accept only linen and jewels. In this way you need a trade route in order to get a few of this materials in both warehouses, you can buy only 100 or 200, and then don’t buy them anymore, just wait. And our good friend Path will do the rest. Like in 2.a when we get our warehouses full, we can carry 1/4 to a new warehouse and wait.
  4. Make Ptah happy and all the linen and jewels you want to store will be yours.
  5. As this system depends on chance, it is best to fill at least two warehouses of each type before starting to use it.
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