Phasmophobia – Hidden Details of Halloween Lobby Update

This guide shows you every new detail in the new Halloween-themed lobby! From secret messages on the walls, to even jumpscares! Though if you want the pleasure of experiencing the new lobby yourself, I recommend looking around for a bit before reading this guide.

Halloween Lobby Update Guide


There was a lot to discover in the new lobby, so I thought I’d make a guide for those who wanted to find every detail added! In total I really love the new Phasmo update, and I look forward to see what else they’ll update with the game! I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this guide up, since I’m assuming the lobby won’t always stay up, but we’ll see.


One of the main things you need to know for finding these details, is that you can pick up the UV Lights on the desk under the whiteboard. These will help you see better, as well as find camouflaged writings and fingerprints.

You can pick it up like you would any other item, by pressing E. Then turn it on by holding it and right clicking. You can hold a max of 3, but I prefer dropping them around the map while turned on to make it easier to see.

So the first detail I want to talk about is on the poster board to the left of the whiteboard. It’s the poster board you can see in the back of the van once you get into a game, but it has new UV details around it. If you shine your light at it you can see writings around it saying these things listed below:

  • “Don’t Go”
  • “Don’t talk to them”
  • “Where?”
  • “Help Us”
  • “Who are these people?”
  • “I hate it here”

And then to the right of the whiteboard you can see a broken crucifix hanging on the wall, circled by the UV markings with the word “RUN” beside it. And to the right of this are more words spelling out “Why are you here?” with two handprints on the wall.

Then a little farther away just above the sofa there are a few sentences the ghost has written out. “What’s the point” “Why” “I can’t go” “I’m scared” “Where am I” and “It’s been so long”

And to the left of the sofa just above the picture on the wall of fingerprints, there are a total of 126 markings, separated into 2 groups of 63.

And now with the basketball hoop, there are a bunch of “666” and “six six six” markings all around it. Which is perfect since my basketball score right now is 666.

And to the left of the basketball hoop there’s a window with “GO AWAY” written on it. And to the left of that there are huge scratch marks on the wall with the words “RUN” beside it.

Then on the other side of the room there are more scratch marks, this time with the words “WHY ARE YOU HERE” next to it. As well as the words “GO AWAY” being in the corner of the room.

Then on the floor there is this giant summoning circle, which is so big that it takes multiple UV Lights to light it all up.

Then finally on the van it has words like “WAIT”, “PLEASE”, “HELP”, “DON’T GO”, “WHY GO”, “LEAVE”, “RUN”, “STAY WITH ME”, “YOU WILL DIE”, and a few words a little hard to read but I’ve made out to “DON’T NEED YOU”, and “IT’S NOT DON’T IT”. And two more details, to the left of the van on the ground there is a crushed skeleton, and to the right of the van behind the garage doors is a scarecrow.

And above the sofa on the roof are the words “IM UNDER THE CABIN. HELP ME”.

And under the farther cabin in the new campsite map you can see the dead body hidden in a bag.

And finally the last thing I want to mention isn’t really a map detail. So if you walk all the way up to the whiteboard, then click on it while holding out the UV Light, it will bring you up to the menu like normal. Except this time your hand will be visible and follow the movements your mouse makes. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but it is pretty fun.


In total there are 3 “jumpscares” you can find in the lobby.

The first is a skeleton you can find by opening the left locker beside the basketball hoop and sofa. Above the locker are the words “HELP ME” with an arrow pointing down. There are also arrows on the ground pointing to the locker. When you open the locker the skeleton will fall down to the ground in front of you. But after the skeleton falls out you can use the locker like normal.

The second jumpscare is the figure you can find on the roof which has bright white eyes that follow you. You can find this by standing in front of the sofa and looking up.

And the final jumpscare happens when you follow the footprints left on the ground around the summon circle all the way to the door beside the sink. If you stand at the door and look through the crack, after a few seconds the ghost will appear for about a second, followed by a loud bang.


And that’s about everything new you can do in the lobby of Phasmophobia! Another thing I noticed was outside of the window above the sofa, there is a constant glow on one of the trees. At first I thought it might be something staring at you, but after turning my brightness up I realized it was just the reflection from the moon (which you can see outside the other window). Please feel free to let me know if you found anymore details in the lobby you think I should include, and happy hunting!

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