Devour – All Pumpkin Locations (Halloween Event)

In this guide I will tell you in which areas of the 3 current maps (Farm, Asylum, The Inn) you can find the 30 pumpkins to unlock the new limited skin for Halloween 2021.

Where to Find All 30 Pumpkins


This costume will only be available from October 25, 2021 through November 1, 2021 as it is a Halloween Event..

Before you start

In order to catch all the pumpkins on each map, you have to wake up each monster and catch all the keys. I recommend doing it alone as there are not so many keys and it is much easier.

Farm Map

There are 10 pumpkins on the farm map.

The first one is at the beginning, after you jump over the fence, below the two stacked hay blocks.

The second one can be found in front of the basement door.

The third is behind the hut where we found the key to open the first cage.

The fourth is in the kitchen, inside the oven.

The fifth is behind the library stairs.

The sixth is in the breakfast room, near the TV room.

The seventh is in the bathroom inside one of the rooms.

The eighth is in the room next to the master bathroom.

The ninth is in the attic

The tenth is in the cellar

Asylum Map

There are 10 pumpkins on the Asylum Map.

The first is just outside the hallway where there is a large mirror.

The second is in the room where we woke molly up.

The third one is just inside to go to the guards’ room.

The fourth is in the guards’ room.

Fifth is in the infirmary

The sixth is in the upstairs bathrooms

The seventh is in the bedroom at the end of the bathrooms.

The eighth is in the kitchen

The ninth is in the basement, in the treatment room.

The tenth is in the pantry

The Inn Map

There are 10 pumpkins on the Inn Map.

The first one is just after jumping out of the window, in the “reception” cabinet.

The second is where we wash the eggs.

The third is above the cave

The fourth one is inside the cave, just behind where Sara appears.

The fifth one is in the game room right next to the kitchen.

The sixth is in the kitchen

The seventh one is in the bathrooms (upstairs)

The eighth is in storage

The ninth is in Room 5

The tenth room is in room 8


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