Pikuniku – Boss/Bot Fight Guide (Forest World)

This will help/teach you how to nav around the bot better, and how to hit/kick the pinecones better.

Guide to Boss/Bot Fight

How to Nav Around the Bot

Now, for me to help you nav around the bot, I First need to tell you how the saw-hand/Wood-Chopping-Hand works first, now the basics are alr told to you by the guys helping you to destroy the flying robot, the saw hand is controlled by two smaller bots (,somewhere the size of you) and which one ever lowers it-self, just to come right back up, that means, which ever side that robot was on, the more bigger robot will fly over there, and bring out its saw hand, you can use this to get over to the opposite side faster.

When the saw-hand comes out, I Recommend, when its coming over to you, when you’re jumping, go towards it, now I Might sound crazy, but you’ll be in-mid air, which means it won’t get you, and when you get over it, just keep on going, this will increase your chance of not running into it, this will also help when its going back into the robot.

Pine Cone Bombs

Now the pine-cones, built by the shape-people, Idk what else to call them, will throw one of these Pine-Cone-Bombs, now I recommend jumping, to have a faster go at it hitting the robot.

When one of these things are being thrown at you, make sure you look at the person who threw it, to have better aim in a way.

It does not matter which way you’re looking to.

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