POSTAL Brain Damaged – All Secret & Poster Locations (Cruel Dude Thesis)

Locations of All Secrets & Posters

Poster #1: Cruel Dude Thesis / Poster #2: Tesloborgelion

Upon your entry into the level, you will start off in an elevator that will take you downwards.

You’ll stop in a room with all the weapons you’ve come across throughout your brain journey.

There’s a Quick Pillz here too, be sure to get it if you want to make the fight as painless as possible.

If you turn around to look at the elevator that you had just gotten off from, there’s two posters on both of its sides. Don’t forget to grab this before you continue to the fight.

Poster #3: The Other DUDE

This poster is found on the wall that’s right underneath the robot.

However, I recommend you get this immediately after beating the first phase.

You can still get it after you beat the second phase, but it’s better to get it before you forget.

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